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Sodexo believes its people are at the heart of its business and are critical to service delivery. By looking after our people, they in turn will look after our business.


We recognise the importance of promoting equal opportunities, valuing diversity and creating an inclusive working environment for all our employees. We seek to create a work environment based on mutual respect for all employees and building a culture that values the experiences and skills each person brings to benefit our organisation.

We pledge to increase the representation of women in our top 1,200 positions globally and in the UK and Ireland our aspirational target is 43% women in leadership by 2025.

We continue to see an increase in women at all levels of management. Women represent 25% of our regional leadership committee and 36% of our senior management. Sodexo’s research shows that where we have gender balanced management teams (with 40-60% women) we perform better across a range of key business indicators.

In the UK and Ireland, the work of our gender balance employee network, SoTogether, continues, with sponsorship provided by our Regional Leadership Committee. This year we established SoTogether FM, a group specifically focused on increasing the number of women in facilities management and technical roles and encouraging more women into STEM roles.

In recognition of our commitment to gender balance, for the sixth consecutive year, Sodexo has been included in the Times Top 50 Employers for Women.

"Gender diversity is essential. It is beyond a moral obligation – it’s a business imperative and differentiator. At Sodexo, greater diversity and inclusiveness are part of a cultural transformation that requires time and humility." 
Denis Machuel, Chief Executive Officer, Sodexo

We pledge to support ethnicity pay gap reporting.

We have signed a mandate to support ethnicity pay gap reporting spearheaded by EMpower. We are committed to understanding the experiences of employees of all ethnicities and to identifying where action needs to be taken.

We recently hosted an event on the subject of modern racism in the workplace, in recognition of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development and are working with our Origins employee network to better understand employee experiences.

We pledge to maintain our Disability Confident Leader status and use this to promote positive change across our industry and in our client organisations.

We are committed to promote the recruitment, engagement and development of people with disabilities.

Last year, we acheieved the Government's Disabiliity Confident Leader status as part of the Disability Confident scheme and have continued to share our experiences with clients, suppliers and other external parties.

We are undertaking research on the experience of people with disabilities, including mental health conditions, to help us improve how we support these employees. 

We pledge to support Good Work standards where they exist in specific UK regions.

Produced by local authorities, Good Work Standards, are designed to promote fair pay; excellent working conditions; and diversity in the workplace. London and Manchester have produced a set of standards which Sodexo is committed to working to. These standards provide better working condition and support our mission of improving quality of life.

We pledge to engage 850 employees on apprentice programmes annually.

The training and development of our employees is a key commitment for Sodexo. We support apprenticeships within the company at all levels across a range of skills from chefs and hospitality managers to project management and property maintenance.

We pledge to implement the living wage where possible.

We know that paying the living wage improves quality of life and we have a number of living wage contracts with clients in both the public and private sectors.

As a Living Wage Foundation Recognised Service Provider, we pledge to continue to implement the living wage for all our employees working in our head offices (in regions where formal rates are established); and to, where permitted, submit a living wage alternative in all our bids.

While price still remain a key factor in the procurement process, it is challenging to implement the living wage but we will continue to actively promote to our clients and potential clients the benefits.

We pledge that our managers complete mental health and wellbeing awareness training

We are introducing mandatory mental health and wellbeing training for our managers to ensure that they are able to provide the right level of support to all our employees to protect their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We pledge to work with professional bodies to assist in developing better skills and capabilities for the future FM talent pipeline.

We recognise a need for more trained FM professionals entering the workforce and we are committed to working with bodies to improve skills and highlight the career opportunities for graduates with FM qualifications.

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