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Schools Facilities Management Services


Facilities management services

Why is creating a safe, comfortable school environment so important? Because it directly affects pupils’ performance. From well-maintained school grounds and clean toilets to fast, efficient tech maintenance – if it supports their welfare, it helps them shine.

A safe, welcoming environment

You take pride in the appearance of your school, and so do we. From cleaning and waste management to plumbing, electrics and grounds maintenance, we can provide expert facilities management services that will ensure that you and your pupils can work in a clean and safe environment.  

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school catering services

Food services and catering

Did you know we can also supply food services and catering to both independent and state schools?

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Schools Food Services and Catering

Positive impact

Wasteful to Tasteful

Wasteful to Tasteful

In a time of perceived perfection, often the tastiest and most interesting fresh produce is cast aside and deemed unfit. In fact over 30% of UK crops never leave the farm. This Sodexo initiative turns "wonky veg" into delicious meals.

school facilities management company

Public Service Pledge

Our pledges highlight our conviction that a business responsible for delivering public services signs a social contract, as well as a commercial one.

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Years offering catering and facilities management in schools

Delivering excellent food and customer experiences

We’ve harnessed our experience of serving meals to thousands of pupils every day to create ‘Food & Co. by Sodexo’; a new school food solution co-produced by pupils.

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