Campus Facilities Management

First impressions count. A welcoming environment reflects well on your university and improves the quality of life for your students and faculty. By integrating cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance solutions, we help create campuses to be proud of.

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Campus Facilities Management

Catering & Food Services for Higher Education

Did you know we can also provide restaurant and retail food outlets to University students?


We take inspiration from contemporary food halls and the high street to develop a variety of attractive retail offers that provide choice, convenience and value for money.

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University Food Services and Catering

Student Housing & Accommodation Services

We provide a best-in-class service which enhances the student experience and addresses students’ needs while maintaining accommodation occupancy levels.

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University Accommodation Services


Universities in the UK and Ireland on 50 sites.

Delivering excellent food and customer experiences

We are improving student experience through integrated services that promote quality of life.

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