Sodexo Live!, the global leader in the live industry has made a European first by introducing the first fixed permanent self-serve EBar Beerwall facility at a UK stadium.

Fixed self-serve EBar Beerwall ® launched at Millwall in October – the first in Europe
Further facilities being rolled out at Sodexo Live!’s other venues
Ebar’s proprietary 30 second fast pour system speeds up and improves the customer experience
Further customer-centric initiatives set to roll out in the coming months


In October fans at Millwall’s match against Blackburn Rovers were first to try the new EBar Beerwall, a rapid self-serve solution that delivers fans keg-fresh and perfectly poured pints. The EBar fully automated order, pay, pour method delivers two pints in 30 seconds. 

Sodexo Live! has been the club’s venue partner at The Den in South London since 2012 where it offers retail food services (concourse catering and beverages). 

With positive feedback so far, fans can look forward to getting their perfect matchday pint a whole lot quicker moving forward.

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Rebecca Kane Burton, CEO of Sodexo Live! UK & Ireland, said:

Sodexo Live! is the global leader in the live industry, for good reason.

We serve tens of thousands of customers each week and are always looking at pioneering ways to do things differently to benefit our guests and our venue partners.

The launch of these fixed EBar Beerwalls is just the start of a range of innovative initiatives we plan to trial and roll out over the coming months.

Millwall’s Chief Operating Officer, Billy Taylor, said:

We are continuously looking at ways to improve the matchday experience for fans at The Den and the installation of EBar Beerwalls is another positive step forward in doing so.

We understand the need to reduce queue times and create a smoother purchasing process for supporters which we believe can be achieved with our new EBar.

Nick Beeson, Managing Director, from EBar said:

It has been a pleasure to work with Sodexo Live! to deliver these stand out facilities.

To be a European first, highlights the forward-thinking approach of Sodexo Live! and echoes our own EBar ethos – always wanting to lead the way and put the customer front and centre.

We look forward to hearing more positive feedback from fans and working with Sodexo Live! on more exciting initiatives in the future.


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The EBar Beerwall is a fully automated self-serve drinks facility or kiosk, which pours perfect pints in just a few seconds. It was deigned to transform the bar experience at large events and venues by providing a quick and simple way for customers to purchase a drink. As well as pouring the perfect pint it reduces costs, cuts queues and increases keg efficiency.

Sodexo Live! continuously delivers unforgettable experiences for thousands of customers throughout the year, across a total of 47 venues. These span stadia, cultural destinations, and major events such as Eurovision and Royal Ascot. 

In addition to the launching the first fixed self-serve EBar Beerwall facility in Europe, Sodexo Live! has plans to trial and roll out a range of other initiatives over the coming months. 

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