Sodexo’s The Good Eating Company (GEC) is following in the sustainable farming practices footsteps of Sodexo Live! with a new partnership with Full Circle Farms. GEC now has its own one acre plot at the unique farm in West Sussex which contributes to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

Full Circle Farms offers foodservice providers like GEC and urban restaurants an opportunity to own and grow on their own plot of farmed land. Each plot is allocated a full farming team who work with the chefs to assess the restaurants' requirements and grow and deliver the best produce for them.

A huge variety of vegetables and herbs including unusual varieties such as rainbow chard, golden beetroot, pak choi, kale, swede, rocket, lemon balm, will be grown on GEC’s plot. The produce will then be used throughout its menus whether as a soup, main course, side dish and even a dessert.

Farmer Tom Morphew's farm isn't just about growing crops – it's about nurturing the land. Established nearly ten years ago, the farm prioritises soil health and biodiversity. This means a different way of farming including minimal reliance on external inputs. Instead of chemical fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides, Farmer Tom relies on the power of organic compost and manure to build soil fertility. 

Animals play a crucial role in managing the land. For instance, pigs act as natural tillers, turning the soil and incorporating composted organic material. 

This focus on soil health and natural processes benefits more than just crop yields. It strengthens the entire ecosystem, supporting the water cycle and ensuring the availability of essential minerals for healthy plant growth.

Defined frameworks for regenerative agriculture are still evolving, the sustainable farming practices Farmer Tom is undertaking reflects the latest research.

Alex Kristall, managing director, The Good Eating Company, UK said:

This is a fantastic initiative and builds on our commitment to source fresh, locally grown ingredients and reduce food waste.

Working with Farmer Tom and his team we can influence what is grown and adapt our menus to ensure they are sustainable, seasonal and great tasting for our customers. 

An added benefit is the learning we can offer our teams and our clients with visits to the farm to understand more about what regenerative farming practices could look like and how important it is for soil health and biodiversity.

Full Circle Farms also has The Garden Army, a not-for-profit social enterprise for volunteers and those with physical or mental health issues. The Garden Army, CIC registered, is partnered with Sussex Oakleaf, the leading mental health support provider, and is prescribed by local GPs as an alternative to chemical medicine.

Tom Morphew, founder of Full Circle Farms and the Garden Army said:

We are delighted to extend our work with Sodexo with The Good Eating Company.

Alex and her team have already spent time with us down on the farm learning all about regenerative farming practices and the benefits the numerous advantages it provides, including educating people about where their favourite ingredients come from and how being part of nature benefits people’s health and wellbeing.

GEC, like its parent company Sodexo, is a purpose-led business with sustainability at its core.  It is committed to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and to positively impact the communities in which it operates, initiatives include:

  • helping refugees through the Bread Winners bakery
  • reducing food waste through Sodexo’s WasteWatch programme
  • offering its Goodness range of recipes, developed based on the Planetary Health Diet and using the latest research from the World Resource Institute to making healthy and sustainable diets tangible. 

GEC was founded in 1999 and over the last two decades has established itself as a distinctive, meaningful and memorable food service organisation with good food, good people and good service at its heart. Delivering great experiences for leading organisations in the creative, media and arts, investment and financial management and pharmaceutical industries.  

In 2017 GEC joined Sodexo and has continued to deliver high end quality sustainable food services to clients. 


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