Sodexo has opened applications for its 2024 global Accelerator programme, an initiative aimed at boosting the collaboration between Sodexo and startups, a key force for Sodexo to have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and disruptions in the service industry.

For startups, working with Sodexo is an opportunity to ‘accelerate’ their development by benefiting from experienced business mentors, decades of industry knowledge and a global client footprint. Selected startups will be primed to scale their business and work with Sodexo for the long-term, while contributing to its innovation process. 

After several successful local editions in key markets, including the UK in 2022 as well as the US and Brazil, this new global edition of Sodexo’s Accelerator programme is a first. 

It will focus on identifying innovative solutions to enhance the workplace experience of our consumers worldwide through a 10-week programme.

Martin Boden, CEO, Sodexo Global Strategic Accounts said:

We’re excited to launch the 2024 Global Accelerator, further demonstrating our commitment to bring innovation at scale to our clients, who are leading players in their industries.

This is an exceptional opportunity both for us and for disruptive startups to partner together to continue to evolve our service offering.

For this global edition, Sodexo is asking for applications in five key areas of focus:

  • Data Analytics to improve the use of data across its client accounts and allow Sodexo to make sure their clients’ teams are communicating as effectively as possible, making data-informed decisions.
  • Sustainability to focus on how to measure and assess carbon impact across activities and initiatives and create solutions that can help reduce carbon emissions across Sodexo’s services.
  • Consumer Experience to explore solutions to increase the ease and accessibility of clients’ sites, improve the flexibility of their workforce and optimize resource utilization to deliver the best possible consumer experience. They wish to understand how they can capture the voice of their consumers seamlessly to ensure they are driving continuous improvement.
  • Operational Efficiency to provide practical solutions that can streamline workflows, optimize resources, digitize and modernize processes.
  • Wildcard to add value to Sodexo’s business and that of its clients.

Applications will close on February 25th 2024, at 23:59, and those who will be successful will go live in May, facilitated by corporate innovation specialist, L Marks.

Daniel Saunders, CEO of L Marks, said:

We are delighted at L Marks to continue our long-standing partnership with Sodexo and launch of the Global Accelerator. Sodexo has proven commitment to innovation, with dozens of successful implementations to date.  

Within this new program, we are excited to uncover the most innovative solutions that will deliver value for Sodexo and its clients across the globe.


To apply, please click here 


About L Marks:

L Marks is a leading global innovation specialist which has created over 90 programmes with its partners across the globe. Founded in 2014, L Marks has developed and delivered results-driven corporate innovation solutions, trusted by world-leading brands including BMW, Lloyd’s of London and Sodexo. Through their award-winning Innovation Labs, L Marks’ partners have worked with over 400 startups with a successful deployment rate of over 76%. The L Marks New Ventures unit supports its clients to create and develop new revenue-generating businesses through its Venture Studio and transform their corporate culture within their Intra-Lab. L Marks has expanded its advisory support through their recent acquisition of The Inovo Group, a US-based innovation consultancy with over 20 expertise in implementing scientific research and analytics to guide organisations to succeed at strategic innovation. To learn more, visit 

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