HRH The Princess Royal visited The Royal Logistic Corps Museum at Worthy Down on June 11 to discover more about how Sodexo has evolved its military food offer to support the nutritional and wellbeing needs of serving military personnel.

The Princess Royal is Patron of the British Nutrition Foundation and has been Colonel in Chief of the Royal Logistic Corps since the formation of the Corps in 1993. 

In partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation, of which HRH The Princess Royal is the Patron, Sodexo showcased how food services for the Armed Forces has evolved.  Example dishes and menus were demonstrated and the nutritional science behind the menus explained.  

Sodexo’s expertise in delivering military dining goes back 50 years. It works closely with its military partners to ensure the evolving physical and mental needs of our armed forces are understood and addressed.

Sodexo understands it’s not just about the food.  With the lived experience a high priority for the military, Sodexo uses its experience, expertise and insight to provide a fresh modern approach to military dining, that looks just like what’s available on the High Street.

During her visit HRH The Princess Royal learned about the use of digital applications to improve the customers’ journey, nutritional choices and food experience and how sustainability is embedded throughout Sodexo’s operations with initiatives such as WasteWatch, its innovative food waste management programme which will deliver reductions in food waste by 50%.  

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The Princess Royal arrived at the Museum in the Rolls Royce used by Field Marshal Montgomery in France after D-Day which is cared for in the collections of the Museum.  The vehicle has recently been restored and last week featured in the D-Day 80th anniversary commemoration events in Normandy. HRH was welcomed at the Museum by the RLC Corps of Drums.

Simon Walmsley, Director of the Royal Logistic Corps Museum said:

We were delighted to welcome Her Royal Highness to the Museum on behalf of Sodexo and the British Nutrition Foundation. The Corps has a history of sustaining the army for over 200 years and we are honoured to have the work of military caterers honoured with this visit.

Paul Anstey, CEO Government, Sodexo UK & Ireland added:

It was an honour to host HRH The Princess Royal. We work closely with our military partners and the British Nutrition Foundation to ensure that our Armed Forces personnel have the best possible lived experience which includes providing a wide range of tasty nutritious dining options which they can tailor to their own specific needs as well as providing them with the space to relax and socialise in their down time.

In November last year Sodexo and the British Nutrition Foundation partnered to create the Military Advisory Group for Nutrition and Wellbeing, bringing together experts and military stakeholders to explore practical solutions that support the nutritional needs of the British Armed Forces.

Elaine Hindal, CEO, British Nutritional Foundation further commented:

We were delighted to be able to show our patron how military food has evolved to now encapsulate not only nutritional science but also takes into account the expectations of today’s armed forces.

Replicating food that is available outside of the military is key to helping improve their lived experience and is bringing together people with modern, appealing social and dining spaces.

Through our expert Military Advisory Group we are looking to make a difference by driving positive change and with Sodexo’s support we are helping educate on the value of nutrition for the health and wellbeing of all military personnel.


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