The Purpose Coalition is proud to announce the launch of The Purpose Coalition Awards 2023 - Breaking Down Barriers, partnered with Sodexo. These prestigious awards recognise leaders who have made remarkable contributions to levelling up and breaking down barriers to boost social mobility across the UK.

As we continue to navigate through unprecedented social and economic challenges, it is crucial to celebrate and honour those individuals and organisations who have dedicated their efforts to making a positive impact on social mobility. The "Breaking Down Barriers" Awards 2023 aim to showcase the extraordinary work of those who are dedicated to creating a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable society for all.

Nominations are open now across the 14 Purpose Goals categories. Nominate colleagues, customers, clients or a standout community project. 

The Purpose Coalition Awards encourage individuals, organisations and community groups to nominate those who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to levelling up and breaking down barriers. Nominations can be submitted through The Purpose Coalition’s website until 23:59pm, Sunday 26 November. 

The winners will be selected by a panel of esteemed judges who have demonstrated a passion for social mobility and equity. The virtual award ceremony, set to take place on Monday 11th December at 15:00pm, will be a moment of recognition, inspiration, and a platform to showcase the positive changes brought about by these outstanding leaders. 

These awards are sponsored by leading Purpose Coalition partner, Sodexo UK and Ireland.

Sean Haley CEO Sodexo UK and Ireland, said:

We're delighted to be sponsoring the Purpose Coalition 2023 awards. Here at Sodexo, we're all about breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity. As we face unprecedented challenges, it's crucial to honour those who are making a positive impact.

The 'Breaking Down Barriers' Awards 2023 aim to celebrate those dedicated to creating a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable society.

I look forward to seeing the nominations for the exceptional individuals and organisations who are truly making a difference.


Purpose Coalition Chair and former Education Secretary, Rt Hon Justine Greening, said:

With recent research showing that poor social mobility is still entrenched in this country, it is more important than ever to work together to tackle the barriers that prevent people from getting on.

The Purpose Coalition developed the 14 Purpose Goals to help identify the key elements that need to be in place to ensure that there is equality of opportunity, from a child’s early years to fair recruitment processes, from closing the digital divide to harnessing the energy transition.

They provide a useful framework for organisations to assess how they are doing and what more they can do to make a positive social impact.

These awards shine a spotlight on the great work that many organisations are already undertaking and demonstrate the very real difference that they are making.

Highlighting this best practice shows others what can be achieved, providing encouragement and inspiration to others who may not be as advanced on their social mobility journey.

We need innovative and creative solutions that will make a difference and the winners of today’s awards provide that.

Congratulations to them, and I hope they will continue to lead the way to shape a fairer and more equitable future.


Purpose Coalition Engagement Director and former member of Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet, Nick Forbes CBE added:

These awards show what is possible when organisations with purpose and ambition set their sights on tackling poor social mobility.

We are very proud that they are sponsored by Sodexo, a company whose genuine commitment to equality of opportunity is deeply embedded in its culture and is evident across every part of the company.

It makes it its business to understand how it can best support its colleagues and customers as well as the communities it serves.

That’s the right thing to do but it also makes sound business sense, showing that growth and social commitment can be part of the same approach.


Click below for more information about the awards and to submit nominations.


Purpose Coalition Awards 2023



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