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Expert solutions for NHS' challenges

Published on : 9/18/23
Reading time : 3 min
  • The Expert Series of videos recognises and addresses the core non-clinical challenges currently being faced across the health and care system today, with experts presenting their thoughts on the potential solutions.  

    Expert solutions 

    The NHS is facing unprecedented times as it battles with record elective waiting lists, a significant maintenance backlog, delays to the new hospital programme and challenging supply chains impacted by both inflation and Brexit. Working together to recognise these challenges and determine what new, innovative solutions could improve governance and compliance, deliver efficiencies, and enhance the patient experience may be required to meet the NHS’ post-pandemic priorities.  

    Considering how improving capability and capacity in non-clinical interventions can improve the resilience of your organisation may open up new possibilities for impacting patient flow. The Expert Series of videos recognises and addresses the core non-clinical challenges currently being faced across the health and care system today, with experts presenting their thoughts on the potential solutions.  

    How health & care is evolving through Integrated Care Systems  

    Integrated Care Systems have a common purpose, set of objectives and macro challenges to address. However, at the local level, their priorities differ – meaning the way Integrated Care Partnerships have been established and how their Integrated Care Boards are organised, can vary.    

    We spoke with Penny Dash, Chair of North West London ICS, about how, by bringing all the organisations together into a place-based partnership, can an ICS focus on improving people’s health and addressing inequalities. Only by ensuring all parties are working towards the same objectives can efficiency and productivity be delivered.  

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    Developing the future NHS Estates and Facilities workforce 

    The NHS EFM Workforce Action Plan has been published for just over one year. The priorities identified within it look to tackle staff wellbeing, inclusivity and diversity, skills development and attracting new talent. In the last 12 months, there have been some great initiatives and achievements – however, there is still a way to go. 

    Fiona Daly, National Deputy Director of Estates for NHS England, leads on the implementation of the workforce action plan and we recently spoke with her about the successes and challenges in its delivery. Fiona highlights how the NHS can use data to tackling inequality, the biggest challenge in supporting health & wellbeing and the most essential skills needed for the future – as well as the importance of retaining some critical skills as we move to a more sustainable, greener NHS.  

    Click here to gain Fiona’s expert insight or watch the video now (part I)


    Future-proofing Estates and Facilities skills

    Delivering safe, fit-for-purpose clinical environments requires an engaged and empowered EFM workforce. Developing people and addressing the skills gap is a core element of NHS England’s Action Plan.

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    Delivering normality in high stress environments – enhancing the patient and retail experience 

    Costa Coffee has been voted as the UK public's favourite coffee shop for a 13th consecutive year in a World Coffee Portal survey of more than 5,000 UK consumers. Better outcomes can be achieved through partnership working and a well-known brand, such as Costa Coffee, can support the NHS’ net zero and sustainability goals. 

    In this expert series video, we discuss with Richard Green, Head of Contract Catering at Costa Coffee, how by partnering with well-known high-street brands, the retail experience can be enhanced to create a sense of normality for both patients and staff in a high stress environment. 

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    A compliant estate to support clinical effectiveness  

    With an 11% increase in the backlog maintenance, NHS England’s EFM team have introduced several short-term interventions to the infrastructure which support clinical delivery and improves patient flow. With a fall of 22% in clinical service incidents caused by infrastructure failure, it is clear progress is being made however, there is a long way to go.  

    Capital investment, operational effectiveness and compliance and workforce all present both challenges and opportunities which make it an exciting time to work for, and partner with, NHS estates teams.  

    How will NHSE maximise the opportunities while continuing to tackle the compliance and safety challenges an aging estate presents – we spoke with Simon Corben, Head of Profession and Director of NHS Estates and Facilities to find out more.   

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    Decarbonising the NHS supply chain - Interview with Alex Hammond

    The NHS, as the first national health system globally to commit to becoming ‘carbon net zero’, must focus on its supply chain emissions, which contribute 60-70% of its total carbon emissions, to achieve its net zero ambition.  

    In this interview, we speak with Alex Hammond, Head of Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain at NHS England, to find out more about its decarbonisation programme, supplier expectations and wider social value requirements.

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    Using Clinical Technology Management to drive efficiencies - Interview with Dr John Sandham

    Clinical Technology Management should be a core part of any organisation’s healthcare strategy. Efficiencies can be gained, and better strategic outcomes delivered, when procuring and maintaining clinical equipment is well managed. 

    In this Expert Series video, we talk with Dr John Sandham about how some organisations still struggle with the visibility of their clinical asset compliance – leaving areas of vulnerability. Addressing the challenges, opportunities and solutions which are available to healthcare organisations, Dr Sandham also gives his expert view on where he sees healthcare technology management developing in the future and how organisations can gain maximum benefit from integration and Artificial Intelligence.  

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    Improved outcomes with guidance from dietitians -  Interview with Hasina Aktar

    Supporting hospitals with quasi-clinical tasks can enhance patient recovery and flow. By understanding the science behind food, which plays a big part in the patient experience, improved outcomes can be achieved. 

    In this Expert Series video, we explore with Hasina Aktar, Head of Dietetics at Sodexo Health & Care UK&I, how to deliver empowered patient experiences through good nutrition, which in turn can improve patient flow in hospitals. Hasina discusses how dietitians can support patients to become nutritionally well by providing comprehensive and nutritionally complete tailored menus to aid quicker recovery. 

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    The new National Healthcare Food & Drink Standards - Interview with Phil Shelley

    In this Expert Series video we discuss the new National Healthcare Food & Drink Standards with Phil Shelley, Chair of the Hospital Food Review. Highlighting the fantastic opportunity the new standards present for making significant and real change in hospital catering, Phil discusses the important role nutrition and hydration play in a patient’s recovery journey.  

    By addressing what the standards include, the challenges in meeting them, how they’ll be measured and what the next steps are for NHS England, Phil gives a unique insight into how partnership working can drive innovation and impact patient, visitor and staff wellbeing.  

    Watch now to gain Phil’s expert insight or watch the video now


    Coming soon 

    With several pressing priorities facing the health and care system, and even more potential solutions to meet these challenges, we’ll continue to speak with leaders to gain their perspectives, considerations and predictions to bring new thinking on these topics.  

    Upcoming videos will include the integration across systems, supply chain management and developments in infection prevention. Watch this space to find out more.