What is an Integrated Camp management solution?

From the initial design and planning of the project to the construction, mobilisation and operation of the remote camp, our integrated camp management approach allows you to experience our renowned high service levels, cost efficiencies, and value-focused accommodation solutions backed by our strong commitment to health and safety in remote environments.

With over 50 years of experience in remote sites around the world, our Integrated Camps Management services deliver solutions that enable you to focus on your core operations. 

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Camp construction and management

Together with our partners, our operational teams are recognized as experts in their field and take pride in delivering projects on time and budget.

Every aspect of your project is handled with expertise; from the design and pre-construction activities to the deployment, handover and operations of temporary camps. 

Experience the ultimate in camp food and facilities management services

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Camp Integrated Facilities Management

With facilities management, cleaning, laundry and housekeeping services as well as worker transport services, our integrated facilities management solutions deliver a safe, comfortable and productive environment for your remote camp.

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Food services

Good food is vital on-site, and it takes a highly skilled team to feed a camp. Our experienced chefs create and craft menus for catering, takeaway and restaurant dining in remote locations. As well as this our kitchen teams work seamlessly to deliver delicious and nutritious meals to suit every taste.

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Our experience operating camps worldwide allows us to build up detailed knowledge of the most up-to-date and innovative accommodation solutions. With our focus on sustainability and the environment around us, we will help achieve long-term energy saving and support you on your own journey to Net Zero.

Other services

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Retail services

As you would expect from a leading facilities management provider, our highly skilled retail team offers barista-made coffee, retail shops, vending machines, order-ahead functionality, and more.

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Employee experience

The mental health and wellbeing of your staff is particularly important when they are working in remote locations, away from family and friends. Our camps provide safe spaces where residents can rest, relax, and socialize during their time on site.

Health and wellness services

Our wellness program provides an annual framework to support the physical, mental, and nutritional health of residents. Our programs provide fitness training and advice to our clients on-site by teams from around the country.

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Transportation services

To allow your residents to get home quickly, we can provide transport to get from the camp to train stations, airports and ferries. We can also provide transportation between the operational sites and the accommodation.

The need for Management of Remote sites and camps 

As the number of large infrastructure upgrade projects in the UK continues to grow, energy companies and their partners are looking for remote site and camp management experts to provide a warm welcome to their workers with comfort, safety, modern accommodations and delicious meals.

From project planning and design to operational services and camp demobilisation, Sodexo supports every stage of remote camp projects. 

Tech enablers

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    Welcome to the future of IFM

    The Wando platform offers business intelligence and monitoring, service requests, site information, feedbacks and audits.

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    Keep employees engaged

    Keep your employees engaged with real-time information and access to services such as pre-ordering, menus, activities and events.

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    Digital reception

    With a digital reception solution, your employees have a streamlined process to prepare for their arrival.

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    Command center

    The command center centralizes administration like vendor coordination, orders, purchase orders, service requests, and reporting.

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    Smart maintenance

    Use smart technology to increase energy efficiency without any disruption to your day-to-day operations and facility maintenance.

Social Impact

Our Sodexo Energy & Resources team is here to implement sustainable methods in every camp with Integrated Facilities Management solutions.

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Social Impact Roundtable

Sodexo’s Energy & Resources division brought leading organisations and partners within the energy supply chain to find solutions helping bridge the current skills gap, with a particular focus on the training and recruitment of ex-offenders.

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Delivering exceptional experience offshore

Of the 16,000 plus workers surveyed in 2023, 63% of the offshore workers in UK stated that their offshore living experience with Sodexo was very good. Using customer insights, Sodexo has recently refreshed the offshore offer.

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