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Food services play an important role in creating workplaces which inspire, engage and ultimately improve the productivity of the workforce; optimising employees’ health and wellbeing, improving productivity and creating vibrant areas for employees to not only eat, but socialise and collaborate with colleagues.

Attitudes to food are changing and what we eat increasingly defines who we are. Sustainability, value consciousness and convenience are all huge trends, as are health and the shift towards plant-based diets. Add the competition of sophisticated high street brands and the rising cost of space, and traditional corporate food service – canteen food to a fixed timetable – is becoming outmoded. 

Sodexo delivers a range of consumer-focused food and retail brands, built on strong consumer insight and tailored to meet our clients’ needs. 

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Meet Fooditude

Sodexo has joined forces with Fooditude has part of its strategy to develop new, more flexible food service models, responding to accelerated trends in consumer demand.

Through Fooditude's expertise and large London central production kitchen Sodexo is able to accelerate the roll out of new digital-enabled and consumer-focused food services which helps organisations keep their employees happy, healthy and well-fed. 

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Corporate Facilities & Workplace Experience

Did you know we can supply facilities management and other services as part of a package to improve workplace experiences for our clients? At Sodexo UK and Ireland we support some of the world’s biggest companies in a wide range of sectors.

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Workplace facilities management services

High End Catering Solutions

We also provide high end catering solutions from our sister company the Good Eating Company, click on the button to discover more!

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Positive Impact

Food should be eaten, not wasted

Food should be eaten, not wasted

Food should never be thrown away. Nearly all our site managers, chefs and kitchen staff have implemented initiatives to cut waste. But this is not enough. We're using data to identify actions that can change behavior and reduce food waste.

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Reducing carbon emissions

Reducing carbon emissions

A stable climate is indispensable to quality of life. Sodexo is in a strong position to contribute to this global challenge through our core services. Actions we are taking include food waste prevention, plant-based meal options, energy management services and responsible sourcing.


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