Agile Food Services for an Elevated Employee Experience

Food at work brings people together. It’s about creating shared experiences, improving productivity and boosting wellbeing. But preferences are changing and now flexible, innovative, and convenient food options are essential for new work-life dynamics.


That's why we created Food Connection. Food Connection offers solutions to empower workplace transformation by creating customised strategies to blend your offsite and onsite food fulfilment operations. We help you balance experience, investment, efficiency and cost.

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Transform How Food Works for Your Business

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Modern Recipe

Designed for urban office restaurants, Modern Recipe brings together the ingredients that feed our best selves: Food that’s in tune with our bodies and our planet, spaces that connects us and keep our day flowing. It’s all day food for modern living.

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Office Catering Delivery

Delivered to Your Office Door

We're changing the way you experience food for the better. Our people-focused and sustainable brand Fooditude has become a favourite amongst the tech and entertainment sectors by preparing great food in flexible offsite kitchens to allow smarter use of space.

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Good Eating Company

The Good Eating Company is our premium food in London. Elevating dining beyond the plate, we're curators of culinary creativity. With an ethos of simple yet perfectly executed cuisine, we blend finest ingredients with fresh ideas, crafting meals to be experienced.

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Workplace Cafe

The Coffee Revolution

Quality, sustainable coffee with a conscience has become a non-negotiable expectation for consumers. Sustainably sourced and outstanding taste are the hallmarks of our coffee brands. Chapter & Verse uses some of the world’s highest-rated coffee beans rated 80+, while Aspretto’s brews are all fairtrade and deliciously smooth.

How can we help?

Reimagine office spaces with outstanding service and delicious food options that facilitate the collaborative working environments of the future. Done right, they can boost employee productivity and engagement, as well as be a key factor in talent attraction and retention.

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Space Utilisation

Do your workplaces fit today's dynamic workflow needs? One of our redesigns saved a client 219 m2 of under-used space.

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Increase Employee Engagement

70% of workers feel disengaged and uninspired. Support workers with delicious and healthy food options.

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Workplace Efficiency

Employees rank flexibility as their number one priority - we build offices that optimise usage and work elastically.

6 trends shaping the employee experience

While remote working presents brand new challenges for businesses, it also provides a real opportunity for organisations.


Adaptable catering services, built with the hybrid worker in mind, enable experiences that delight and inspire.


Download our guide to explore the six trends shaping how food is used in the office, and the difference it can make to the employee experience.

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Digitally Enabled Ecosystems

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A Data-Driven Approach Using 4site

4site helps bring data to life by using analytics and AI to make consumer insights more visible, better understood and more actionable. Our teams can drive forward-thinking conversations around consumer insights and emphasize the benefits of the ongoing transformation.

Food Lockers and Technology

Best-in-class technology with Everyday

The fastest, safest, most rewarding way to pay. Our AI-powered app is a digital ordering solution that provides a seamless automated experience. No lines, no checkout, no cash needed.

Vital Spaces Ecosystem

Sodexo's Vital Space empowers you to transform your workplace, plan for shifting futures and get the best out of your spaces and your people.


Food connection is one part of this ecosystem, which uses a range of catering options and contemporary menus to satisfy consumers while helping you meet the workstyle of the "work anywhere" workforce. We help you adapt to changing employee needs with hybrid models that balance experience, investment, efficiency, and cost.

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daily consumers in 80 countries across the world

Our Commitments to the Planet and Society

Guided by our Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap, Better Tomorrow 2025, we deliver on our commitments to ensure a positive impact on Individuals, Communities, and the Environment.

Net Zero Commitment Sodexo

Net Zero Commitment

Sodexo is prioritising decarbonisation with a target of becoming carbon neutral in our direct operations by 2025.

Coporate Food Waste Programs

WasteWatch Program

Fighting food waste is a business priority, so we set an objective to reduce food waste in our operations by 50% by 2025.

Healthy food

Wasteful to Tasteful

To prevent unnecessary food waste, Wasteful to Tasteful helps reduce the volume of fruit and veg thrown away or left to rot.