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As industries change, so does the world of work. You’re balancing rising uncertainty about the space you need with high expectations from your employees. Getting their experience right helps you retain talent, control cost and improve the bottom line.

We’re workplace experience experts, and we know about competitive advantage. By optimising workplace design and providing quality of life services, we help to drive productivity and keep people engaged, happy and healthy.

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Discover Vital Spaces

Vital Spaces is our approach to workplace optimisation. It’s how we prepare your business for change by getting the best from your spaces and improving the employee experience.

With our global knowledge of workspace management and proven quality of life services, we can deliver true workplace transformation and keep you ready for anything.

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Workplace services for high performance

From spaces that work seamlessly to food that fuels and excites, our services are built around your core business needs. Whether out in front or behind the scenes, we’re here to make a difference.

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Office design that inspires

Our office design services aim to connect and empower your teams. We start with analysing each employee’s journey, needs and wants then create an agile workplace to match, supporting workplace transformation right from design to construction management.

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Catering services that delight

Food fuels our health and happiness at work, and we aim to delight at every touchpoint in the day. By optimising processes, spaces and (of course) ingredients, we deliver delicious, flexible food options that make your budget go further.

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Seamless workspace management

Safe and sustainable environments mean distraction-free days. We provide the services that keep workplaces running smoothly, working across tech, security, logistics, waste and environmental management and transport.

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Sustainable cleaning services

Our teams use the latest tech to keep workplaces safe and spotless while reducing our impact on the environment. We provide cleaning services for big companies globally, and we know the importance of consistent high standards.

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Smart maintenance management

From planned maintenance to energy optimisation and asset lifecycle management, we understand the importance of keeping things moving. Whatever your business industry or sector, we can make your maintenance budget go further, safely.

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Guest services and reception

We know that first impressions matter. Our skilled concierge, reception and visitor management teams offer a warm welcome and flexible approach, extending a great workplace experience to your guests from the moment they arrive.

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Impacts of an agile workplace

The modern workplace extends beyond four walls, meaning people need virtual and physical connections to thrive. Blending these workplace experiences can elevate performance, strengthen your culture and enable more scalable and cost-effective spaces.

Or workplace optimisation services can help you attract the right people, support productivity and improve sustainability; it’s about responding fast, whatever tomorrow brings. 

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For all types of business industries

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    Tech & Software

    The tech workplace experience is shaped by digital natives, so our quality of life services make the most of the digital world.

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    Top professionals are in high demand. We create well-connected, agile workplaces that meet their evolving needs.

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    Asset Management

    Connectivity is key when every second counts. We blend physical and virtual workplace experiences to keep people plugged in.

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    Financial services are tightly regulated and rely on integrity. We can help you deliver an agile workplace that helps to reduce risk.

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    Media and entertainment

    People value companies with a strong sense of responsibility. We create workplaces that encourage employees to get involved.

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    FMCG/Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer industries are fighting to attract the best talent. Our answer? Workplace optimisation that prioritises engagement.

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    Pharma & Life Sciences

    Vital research relies on collaboration and productivity. We help some of the largest pharma companies to focus on what matters.

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    Professional Services

    Anticipating your clients’ needs comes with the territory. Our workplace transformation services can help you stay ready.

Our Growing Commitment to You

From serene shores to bustling cities, we're proudly serving over 500 locations across the United Kingdom – and we are not stopping there. As our network expands, so does our commitment to you.

We are not simply a service provider, we are your trusted partner who understands scale, embraces diversity, and fuels progress. We're dedicated to growing with you, for you. 

Improve employee engagement

How do you create energy, support inclusion and drive productivity when hybrid working is the norm? Getting employees back to the office can be a challenge but it’s also an opportunity to adapt your catering services.

Our guide explores the six trends shaping how food is used in the office, and the difference it can make to the employee experience. 

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Corporate social responsibility

Sodexo was founded to do good wherever we do business. Our social impact pledge sets out our key commitments to People, Places, Partners and Planet, and we’re committed to reaching net zero by 2040.

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Read our Social Impact Report 2023

Our latest report shows how we’re making a positive difference across the UK and Ireland. It provides compelling data and real-life examples of the social impact we’ve created.

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Cutting carbon emissions

We’re on track to be carbon neutral by 2025 and aiming for net zero by 2040. Our near-term and long-term carbon reduction targets have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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