We understand your industry

We serve our clients across the UK and global industries understanding your specific challenges and offering bespoke solutions.

Pharmaceuticals & life sciences

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences

Sodexo supports the pharmaceutical sector so that scientists can focus on vital research. We work strategically with some of the world’s largest companies in the sector, supporting their workplace experience to deliver more collaboration, productivity and employee engagement.

Workplace Services Company

Consumer products

Consumer products organisations are challenged to attract the best talent for the future. Our answer? Understand what motivates this Millennial and Gen Z audience. And build a more digitally-focused, socially-engaged workplace around them.

Office Building Design Services

Financial services

Financial services organisations are tightly regulated. How do you balance compliance with creating a flexible work environment? We provide services to increase agility and reduce risk.

Technology Company Design Services


The technology company workplace is shaped by digital natives. Gen Z and Millennials expect technology to define the way they work. Sodexo puts digital solutions at the heart of our services. It’s all about improving quality of life.

Corporate Workplace Restaurants Company

Professional services

Top professionals are in high demand. We help employers keep them inspired and motivated. Enhancing their quality of life. Creating a workspace designed around their emotional needs. Integrating technology that lets them seamlessly balance work and home life.

workplace service company

Communications and media

People ask more from their employers than just a salary. They want to work for companies that have integrity and a strong sense of social responsibility. Our solutions deliver creative and innovative workplaces that encourage employees to take part in world-changing initiatives.

Good Eating Company

We also provide high end catering solutions from our sister company the Good Eating Company. Delivering definitive standard in workplace dining to leading organisations including those in the creative, media and arts, investment and financial management and pharmaceutical industries.

Business Restaurant Services

Sodexo Corporate Services in the UK & Ireland

Sodexo’s Corporate Services business delivers workplace services, facilities management and food services to some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Here we have compiled some information and statistics about the work that we do.

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