Patient portering with care

Our hospital portering services are built to provide the best possible non-clinical patient care that ensures you deliver an outstanding patient experience. Your clinical teams will be complemented by our professional, efficient and agile service that combines technology with a culture of care to deliver positive health outcomes. 

No matter what challenges your sites may present, we’ll ensure smooth running transport between departments and wards across your entire hospital. 

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Sodexo portering services

With hospital porters and systems dedicated to making every patient interaction and experience across your hospital environment positive and reassuring, we’ll ensure your portering team is always the quiet hero of your patient experience.

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Wheelchair management

Our real-time wheelchair management and tracking services provide 24-7 asset protection to ensure your patients are always able to be where they need to be. With our anti-theft promise, you even get the reassurance of free replacements should any wheelchairs get stolen or go missing.

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Digital patient tracking with Traczo

Traczo enables you to match porters to list requirements and patient demand. Tasks are automatically allocated to the nearest porter, reducing response times and ensuring the most efficient use of clinical time. Syncing your whole team helps to transform workflow.

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Digital mailroom and package management

You can electronically track items from receipt to delivery. Sodexo’s innovative on-site digital mailroom solution scans and provides seamless access to direct print outbound mail, delivering the efficiencies of centralised mail services.

Portering technology that keeps your hospital running smoothly

Porters are a vital service in the delivery of a frictionless hospital experience. Our portering teams tackle over 1.7 million different tasks every year for the NHS and routinely score a regular patient satisfaction of above 90%.

Partnering with Sodexo for hospital portering ensures you’re always deploying the latest proven digital healthcare technologies to improve patient flow and patient care.


Our commitments

  • Patient-focused culture

    Our CARES culture is built around treating people with compassion, respect and dignity.

  • Agile approach

    We take an agile response to make sure we meet changing hospital demands quickly and efficiently.

  • Championing your values

    We’ll work with you to create a seamless experience for patients and their families.

  • Innovative location technology

    Our location tech ensures a connected workforce and better patient care, saving hours of clinical time.

  • Global experience, evidence-based services

    We combine experience and evidence-based solutions to continually improve patient health and financial outcomes.

Portering for improved patient experience

Our portering services provide caring and efficient services underpinned by technology to enhance both the patient experience and staff experience. We’ll work with you to deliver portering services that directly contribute to improved patient flow and service delivery.  

Our Experiencia service enables you to measure patient experience in the moment and understand where to focus continued improvement in non-clinical services such as portering.

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Delivering outstanding patient care

Sodexo improved portering productivity by 20% at North Devon District Hospital with the introduction of Traczo, an innovative portering management solution that uses a Wi-Fi based, real time location system. 91% of porters found that it allocated tasks more fairly and allowed them to focus on better patient care.

Download our case study to see how we reduced patient delays and increased portering tasks by 26.1%. 

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53 countries

countries whose healthcare services are supported by Sodexo

where we support health and care services across the globe.

Sodexo has become a long term strategic partner within the healthcare industry. We work alongside NHS and private providers of all shapes and sizes every day, helping deliver people-centred health and care services that create positive patient experiences.

Making a positive social impact

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Our Social Value Pledge

Sodexo’s Social Value Pledge sets out what we’re doing to help take care of our people, planet, places and partners. The Pledge details a range of immediate commitments that will help us meet the three-year Social Value Strategy woven into our strategic business ambitions.

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Sodexo says no to plastic

Saying no to plastic

We’re phasing out single-use plastic across our healthcare sites. We’ve already stopped using many items, such as plastic straws and stirrers, and have switched to innovative, sustainable solutions, such as re-useables, bioplastics, organic material and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

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