Maintaining and building sustainable healthcare environments

Maintaining a smooth operation across all departments within your healthcare organisation can be a balancing act - to say the least.


But what if you could streamline your operations? We work with you to do just that.

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Technical Support Services to Healthcare Sites

We provide you with immediate customised technical support delivered efficiently, whether that’s replacing a cracked sink, painting a ward, or refurbishing an office.

Technical Services

We increase effciency by taking care of the day-to-day technical maintenance issues that may arise by operating and maintaining your systems and assets. So, you can focus on what matters most; the core operations of your organisation.

nhs assets management

Assets Management

Your assets are of strategic importance to your organisation to acheive growth. Our asset management services mean we can ensure your risks, costs and performance stay at an agreed, controlled level.

Project Management Framework for NHS and Private Healthcare

Our Project Management Framework guarantees you access to global-level excellence across cost optimisation, risk evaluation and health and safety.


We will manage all aspects of running your capital and construction projects. From selecting your suppliers and subcontractors through to deployment and handover. We will give your project managers the tools and training they need to deliver the project and report on their progress, so you can stay focused on your roadmap and strategic goals.

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Energy Management: Optimise your energy

Sustaining the planet and the environment is at the forefront of most organisations’ agenda, including Sodexo's. Now more than ever companies must embrace long-term energy efficiency and demonstrate a sustainable attitude towards energy use. From utility expenses to project investment, our energy management capability is unrivalled.

Our strategic energy plans can support your move towards renewable energy helping to reach your goals. We work with you to define your energy roadmap, this will not only reduce your environmental impact but also enhance brand value, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Staying ahead and keeping on top of everchanging rules can be overwhelming. Putting them into practice is another challenge entirely. We ensure you meet all energy compliance requirements accurately and adhere fully to applicable legislation.

When it comes to procurement of energy contracts, every organisation has different needs. We have global access to the most cost-effective energy tariffs and purchase strategies that mitigate against market volatility.

Montoring, assessing, reporting, understanding and reducing your energy consumption has never been easier with Sodexo. We implement robust monitoring systems, generate site-level audits to identify areas in need of energy efficiency improvement and verify utility rebate KPIs, sustainability initiatives and energy performance contracts.

Innovative technology is revolutionising the energy sector and driving change. Our service finds, designs, installs and maintains the best technology solutions to suit your business. Including the assessment and identification of

Improving outcomes

With Sodexo running your organisation's property and technical operations, you can focus your efforts and time on supporting strategic goals, with us by your side delivering the support you need to make your projects a success.


We will work with you to streamline your operations; from simple repairs to complex technical assistance, project management and energy performance. In-turn, increasing efficiency, reducing downtime and lowering costs.

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Positive impact

Social Impact pledge 2021 front cover - people, planet, places, partners

Social impact pledge

Our ethical manifesto for leading the way to improve quality of life for our society and planet.

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Sodexo says no to plastic

Sodexo says no to plastic

Sodexo has banned the purchase of all plastic straws and stirrers, and committed to phase out single use plastic bags and polystyrene foam items such as cups, lids and food containers by 2020.


countries whose healthcare services are supported by Sodexo

Supporting health and wellbeing globally

Sodexo has become a long term strategic partner within the healthcare industry