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Social Impact

Our mission is to improve Quality of Life and our responsibility is to preserve it. Since 1966, our clients have chosen us because we care about the food we cook, the resources we use, the people we employ, and the communities we serve. This is our positive impact.

Food with a conscience

Food choices matter. They matter for our health, the environment and for the women and men who work hard to get it to our plates. Our chefs and supply experts ensure that the food we serve is nourishing, responsibly sourced and of great quality.

Farmer hand with potatoes

Where our food comes from

Transparency and authenticity are driving food choices.

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Plate of tomato salad

Love of Food

The food we eat is changing - consumers are looking for active and healthier options. Our dietitians and chefs collaborate to develop sustainable, healthy and balanced meal choices.

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Vegetable cuttings

Food should be eaten, not wasted

Food should never be thrown away. Nearly all our site managers, chefs and kitchen staff have implemented initiatives to cut waste. But this is not enough.

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Group of colleagues having a meeting, two people are standing up to shake hands

Sustainable diets

Sustainability solutions cannot be found alone, and that’s why we’re building resilient partnerships to amplify our efforts and drive change at scale.

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Climate change

We design sustainable solutions which help us, and our clients, to achieve our sustainability goals. As a service provider, we want to promote local development, source responsibly, reduce carbon emissions and to encourage our customers to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Container of apples with a lorry in the background

Reducing carbon emissions

As part of our Better Tomorrow roadmap, we have made the commitment to reduce all carbon emissions by 34% within the UK and Ireland by 2025.

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Two men in hard hats pointing towards the camera

Minimising environmental impact

A stable climate is indispensable to quality of life. Sodexo is in a strong position to contribute to this global challenge through our core services.

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Tackling waste

Reducing waste is a key priority for Sodexo, reflected in our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments and our goal to reduce food and drink waste by 20% in the UK.


We employ locally and we serve locally. From the highlands of Scotland, to a school in your local suburbs, our employees are also your neighbours. It's natural for us to work together solving local challenges, creating equal opportunities and contributing to economic development.

A group of Sodexo employees wearing uniform

Promoting an inclusive culture

Each individual's unique background, experience, and abilities are at the heart of our vibrant workforce and truly reflect the communities we serve.

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A man and a woman wearing aprons over their clothes and shaking hands

Promoting inclusive growth

Our wide range of training programs and career initiatives actively support economic development and community engagement.

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Group of people wearing stop hunger t-shirts standing in the shape of a heart and waving

Stop Hunger

Quality of Life begins when basic human needs are met, which is why we chose to fight hunger worldwide through the dedicated Stop Hunger non-profit network.

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Growing responsibly

In 1966, we were among the first few companies in the world to place a social element at the core of its mission. Why? Because we have always wanted our growth to make sense for our employees and for the millions of people we serve who hold us accountable to have a positive impact every day.

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