Our focus on social value

Our 2021 social impact pledge

Our social impact pledge sets out our priority areas and commitments for 2021 as part of our wider social value strategy over the next three years. It sets out how we will deliver our pledges to create a healthier, greener, safe and more prosperous society across the UK and Ireland.

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Our social value impact report

Our social value impact report FY 2019/20 reviews the pledges we made in our third Public Service Pledge in 2019, an ethical manifesto for our contracts, people and communities.

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Better Tomorrow 2025

Better Tomorrow 2025 was launched with an aim to strengthen and align our corporate responsibility ambitions with our corporate strategy. We have worked hard to bring further coherence to our business actions, focusing on improving quality of life through nine global commitments.

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Our Awards

We're proud of the achievements we've made in delivering our targets and ambitions. But don't just take our word for it - find out more about the awards we have won recently for a range of initiatives.

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