Making every visitor feel welcome

First contact can impact how people view your overall approach to patient care. We’ll help you create a warm and welcoming first impression with an approachable team of well trained, customer-focused professionals.


As a business we span not only healthcare, but also the hospitality sector, our front of house teams will provide visitors and patients with a warm, friendly welcome, making them feel at ease from the very first step, but they also provide support, guidance and assistance to all your hospital staff.

A Sodexo porter holding an elderly patients hand

Proven people expertise

To guarantee your patients a positive experience from the first moment, we apply Sodexo's customer-service skills and expertise honed in the sport, leisure and corporate sectors. This ensures a reassuringly professional welcome for everybody; in person, on the phone and online.

Our CARES programme focuses on a set of behaviours that ensure our team have a deeper understanding of patient experiences, making them fully equipped with the skills necessary to respond to a patient’s emotional needs. Every member of our frontline team attends frequent CARES training sessions, which deliver personal ongoing improvement and development.

A team that leads from the front

Our Welcome Host acts like a hotel concierge, smartly dressed, and warmly confident, they will be at the front doors of your hospital bringing an assured welcome to all visitors, guiding them to their destination, easing worries.


We personally handpick your front of house team from people with tried and tested experience in a responsive, customer-facing role


We implement a range of best practice processes and behaviours to make everything, from the initial welcome to switchboard services, fast, smooth and seamless.


We continually analyse footfall and switchboard traffic to improve efficiency, whilst regularly reviewing and assessing levels of service. We can introduce a mystery guest programme to make sure services evolve to meet changing patient and vistor needs.

A Sodexo employee holding a teddy bear with a red ribbon

Improving outcomes

Our Welcome Host service brings a hotel welcome feel to your visitors, delivering service excellence which is benchmarked to blue-chip organisations.


We will work by your side to improve outcomes, and deliver results which will increase staff and visitor satisfaction levels whilst ensuring consistent and cost-effective labour allocation.

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Positive impact

Social Impact pledge 2021 front cover - people, planet, places, partners

Social impact pledge

Our ethical manifesto for leading the way to improve quality of life for our society and planet.

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Sodexo says no to plastic

Sodexo says no to plastic

Sodexo has banned the purchase of all plastic straws and stirrers, and committed to phase out single use plastic bags and polystyrene foam items such as cups, lids and food containers by 2020.


countries whose healthcare services are supported by Sodexo

Supporting health and wellbeing globally

Sodexo has become a long term strategic partner within the healthcare industry