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A company’s employees are its most valuable assets. Time invested in them is time well spent. Discover their true potential and nurture their talents. Help them become everything they can be. At Sodexo, we’re big on training and development, that’s why 80% of our managers are promoted from within.

Helping you progress

When we say we care about the quality of life of our people, we really mean it. We want you to become the very best you can possibly be – whatever role you join us in, whatever level you’re currently at. That’s why we’ll give you all the training, tools and opportunities you need to go as far as you want to go in your career with us.

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Developing tomorrow's experts

Want to judge a company’s commitment to its employees? Look at the quality and variety of its training programs. We have a wide range of learning solutions to support the personal and professional development of all our employees.

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Developing tomorrow's leaders

Hiring talented, ambitious people isn’t enough. You have to commit to their ongoing development and provide them with real opportunities for growth. We are passionate about supporting career development and facilitate talent deployment to give you the stretch you are looking for and nurture the potential we see in you.


We are passionate about developing people through apprenticeships. We offer more than 50 apprenticeships, from levels one to seven, enabling people to develop skills in a wide range of areas that could benefit their careers with Sodexo, from IT to kitchen assistants, chefs to engineers, healthcare to business administration, and many more. 

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Sue Davison, Apprentice Programme Manager at Sodexo

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With us you will get the opportunity to develop in an incredibly diverse business. Join us improving the quality of daily life of our customers in industries across the UK - and the world.

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Sodexo is passionate about helping people develop to become the talent they aspire to be
Sue Davison
Apprentice Programme Manager, Sodexo


Of our managers are promoted internally

The percentage of managers who are promoted from within Sodexo

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