Shaping the Future Together

We operate in both the private and public sectors across a wide range of industries, providing facilities management and food services.

Our experience, gained over nearly 60 years, enables us to deliver best practice, agile solutions that meet the different and evolving needs of our clients.

As a responsible business, we are committed to creating social value through every one of our
contracts, for the economy, communities and society at large, by defining value not just in
financial terms.

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Many Sectors, One Commitment

We want everyone to feel the care and effort we put into our work. Serving many people every day, we strive to be more than a service provider but a positive presence in their lives. In every sector we’re involved in, we listen, adapt and offer thoughtful solutions, always with the aim of influencing small things that add up to make a big difference.

Creating Warm, Welcoming Business Spaces

We’re all about people. Whether in a bustling business hub or a vibrant industrial setting, we strive to understand your needs.Through tailored dining and innovative workspace designs, we create spaces where people feel right at home.

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Strengthening Defence Communities

For over three decades, our unwavering support to the UK armed forces has helped to enhance quality of life for troops and families. We help you address the specific needs of life on base, and facilitate a safe and supportive environment.

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Powering Energy & Resources

Life offshore brings specialised safety and logistical challenges. Meeting these head-on, we support you to ensure seamless operations, even in the most remote facilities.

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Transforming Healthcare Experiences

Our work with the NHS & healthcare providers focuses on specialist nutrition, hygiene and lifestyle. It’s not just about offering better care, but genuinely enriching the experiences of those we serve.

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Championing Justice and Rehabilitation

Our purpose goes beyond operating prisons; we strive to foster safe, respectful and supportive environments. Through purpose-driven activities, meaningful employment and rehabilitation services, we work towards transforming lives.

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Redefining School Dining

Every meal we serve is a chance to make a difference. Catering to millions of students daily, our focus on sustainable, nutritious offerings emphasises our focus on student engagement and overall wellbeing.

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Unforgettable Moments with Sodexo Live

Sodexo Live is where expertise meets experience. Catering at prestigious events, we help you put the wow into the occasion. With iconic venue partners like Ascot Racecourse and British Airways, we elevate the moment for everyone involved.

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Elevating the University Student Experience

Tuned into the pulse of student life, we create campus experiences with a positive impact. From diverse dining options to tailored accommodations, it all becomes an integral part of memories, personal growth and university journeys.

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Pioneering Solutions for Modern Challenges

Rooted in genuine relationships, we strive to offer thoughtful facilities management solutions. With each interaction, we hope to understand, meet needs and learn together.