Social Impact

Taking an inclusive approach to creating resilience and growth amongst our partner network

Our success is based on the success of our wide range of partner networks that contribute to our growth, performance and effectiveness. We are committed to enhancing the capabilities and capacity of our small to medium enterprises (SME) and voluntary, charity and social enterprise (VCSE) network and suppliers.

Focus on our partners pathway

Patrick Forbes, Director of Supply Management at Sodexo UK & Ireland, gives a brief introduction to our partners pathway. Can't see the video? Click here

Social impact pathway: our partners

Supporting our SME suppliers

We are passionate about supporting and developing our supply chain and to work with SMEs, micro SMEs and social enterprises, supporting them to grow their business. This group currently represents over half of our core supply chain and accounts for 44% of our total spend.

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Supporting partners through apprenticeship levy gifting

We believe apprenticeships can help organisations to develop and retain their staff, attract new talent and address skills gaps. That's why we have committed to transferring 25% of our own annual apprenticeship levy to SMEs.

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Actively supporting local and national charity networks

We promote and drive fundraising and donations to charities in the communities we serve. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our teams went above and beyond to ensure that, where sites were closing, food didn’t go to waste and instead went to supporting their local communities.

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Coffee Growers Fund, in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation

Together with the Fairtrade Foundation, we are helping to improve the food security and empowerment of women, Fairtrade coffee producers' and their families in Peru.

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Human rights, animal welfare and sourcing policies

We hold ourselves accountable to behave responsibly in the way each of us does business with our clients, partners and suppliers to diminish adverse impacts that may result from our activities. This is why we put in place policies and codes to frame our practices and expected behaviours around key issues such as respect for human rights, animal welfare and sourcing policies.

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Creating a positive impact on society and our environment

Our 2021 social impact pledge

Our social impact pledge sets out our priority areas and commitments for 2021 as part of our wider social value strategy over the next three years. It sets out how we will deliver our pledges to create a healthier, greener, safe and more prosperous society across the UK and Ireland.

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mentoring opportunities for community citizens, focusing on those who need our assistance most