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Developing service excellence in a remote and complex working environment

Published on : 3/1/21
  • Our clients face increasingly complex problems. A range of issues in managing place and space are now interconnected and have been catalysed by Covid-19. These span keeping employees and customers safe by reorienting operations, to enabling remote working whilst protecting productivity and collaboration.

    These issues and the ever-present focus on cost, heighten the need to examine the future of estates. 

    While tackling many of these issues ourselves during the pandemic, we became increasingly aware of the need for our teams to find new ways to collaborate and solve these problems for our clients. Our Communities of Practice provide the shared platform for this to happen.

    Bringing our team together… remotely

    Until recently, the property profession has focused on solutions for reducing client office and facility costs. Putting people at the heart of workplace strategy is a welcome and growing trend for the industry. The pandemic has accelerated this trend. A year of remote working has cemented technology as another crucial piece of the puzzle. Good workplace strategy requires seamless integration between an organisation’s vision for physical assets, technology and people.

    Integrating end-to-end property services is core to Sodexo’s property management offer. This is how we deliver efficiencies and additional value for our clients. Continuously improving our technical approaches and service outcomes has always been a top priority for our experts. We have now enhanced our approach to service excellence through our Communities of Practice. 

    All of our technical practitioners are active members in one of 12 Communities of Practice. 

    communities of practice

    This membership provides a technical home within our business. These are flat teams that span across contracts and functions, providing new opportunities for our people to share learnings and collaborate with the wider business. 

    Our Communities of Practice provide a formal but agile framework to develop services, apply good industry practice, and support continuous professional development. All of these are essential in our ability to work with clients to break down their traditional property inefficiencies and drive value through deeper integration. 

    Like most businesses, the most valuable part of our organisation is our people. Their development is at the heart of our strategy. Our Communities of Practice are a marketplace for talent. They drive service excellence and good practice within each respective technical discipline. By providing an empowered and data-driven environment, teams can come together to solve complex multifaceted property challenges.

    The future of workplace services and the importance of breaking down silos

    Recent studies on the future of work predict that distance will increasingly be a feature of work within UK-based teams. But distance cannot be allowed to become remoteness. To avoid this, getting your workplace strategy right is key. We are confident that our Communities of Practice provide the best platform for our people to support your plans to re-shape your property portfolios and workplaces.


    Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann, head of business strategy, planning & change
    Cristina Golomoz
    Cristima Golomoz PhD, senior business analyst


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