Does your university understand the long-term impact of Covid? The university sector is facing a period of uncertainty and unprecedented change. The challenge now is to meet the evolving needs of both current and future students.

Sodexo partnered with YouthSight to understand how student satisfaction has been affected by the pandemic. 

Essential student insights for university leaders shares how students are adjusting to life and how their attitudes have changed. Inside, you’ll find insights about:

  • Going to university this year – What factors are important to students at university this year?
  • Navigating student life during Covid-19 – How are students managing the transition to online/distance learning and how do they feel about it?
  • Students’ worries this year – What are students worried about during the Covid-19 pandemic and what help do they seek whilst at university?
  • Sustainability at university – Has Covid-19 impacted the importance of social justice, community and sustainability for university students?

Download these insights to prompt reflection, stimulate debate and help you to renew the emphasis on mental health, well-being and enhanced community engagement that will deliver increased satisfaction for students and staff.

November 25, 2020