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How can a concierge service improve your employees’ productivity?

Published on : 10/28/20
  • We know that lockdown was a challenging time for many people in lots of different ways. But how can employers support their workforce with life admin and other routine tasks so that employees can make the most of their downtime and, in turn, be more productive during working hours?

    Whether it was juggling childcare with work responsibilities, ensuring loved ones living far away were cared for and had everything they needed, or adapting to working from home full time, we know that the lockdown had an impact on employees’ mental wellbeing which negatively affected productivity during this time. 

    Protecting the mental wellbeing of the workforce is essential for a healthy, productive organisation, so employers will no doubt be considering how they can best support and motivate their workforce as they continue to work from home, or in the workplace.
    At Circles, we believe that a concierge service is the answer to helping relieve mental load from your employees’ work and personal lives. 

    Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, but with 95% of the requests we receive coming during business hours, concierge can tackle the life admin that might otherwise be a distraction or stress, allowing your employees to instead focus on the tasks at hand and maximise their lunchbreaks and downtime.

    Watch how Circles concierge requests changed during lockdown

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    Perhaps unsurprisingly, during lockdown our members’ requests changed significantly. Booking overseas holidays, dining reservations and theatre ticket bookings were replaced with home office set-up support, travel cancellations and grocery orders. 

    Our team also supported with more creative thinking, suggesting ideas for what to do with downtime and children’s activities.

    The concierge service is designed to provide a support network and trusted personal assistance to employees, and in May, the tenth most common request was for research on marriage proposals, which shows the level of trust that our members have in our team!  

    Our free ‘plus one’ service means that we can also support another member of the family with their needs. We’ve seen members use the service to help an elderly parent with grocery shopping, which can help relieve stress or guilt for people concerned about those living far away. 

    In the dynamic environment in which we are currently living and working, support for employees and their families will be in constant demand. A concierge service is a statement to employees, and potential recruits, that an employer cares for their wellbeing and is prepared to provide enhanced benefits which improve the overall employee experience to cope with life’s demands.  

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