Supporting coffee growers in Peru with the Fairtrade Foundation

Published on : 2/26/20
  • To mark Fairtrade Fortnight 2020, Ana Svab, CR Manager for Sodexo UK & Ireland talks about the coffee growers fund, a project in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation to help improve the food security and empowerment of women, Fairtrade coffee producers’ and their families in Peru.

    Ending world hunger is one of the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations. It is also one of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025 goals.

    Hunger is not simply a case of feeding a person in the short-term, it’s about creating the conditions within which people can thrive in the long-term.

    Growing coffee in Peru is hard, physical work. Climate change is causing environmental changes including the emergence of new diseases, such as ‘La Roya’ or leaf rust, which affects 80% of farms and can result in farmers losing up to 50% of their crop.

    This is why we joined forces with the Fairtrade Foundation in a two-year project aimed at empowering women and addressing the challenge of food security in coffee families of the Association of Producers of Origin Fruits Bosque del Inca, where Sodexo sources the beans for our triple certified Aspretto coffee brand.

    This project focuses on supporting women to become more successful and economically independent and it is our hope is that through this project we can help women coffee growers build a more secure future for them and their families.

    The project began in 2018 , the Fairtrade Foundation has worked with CLAC, Fairtrade’s network of producers in Central and Latin America, to address the most relevant issues and support the cooperative members through training, improved quality of coffee and income diversification. 

    Peru family

    The project has helped provide food security and diversified income for the producers through vegetables they are growing in their kitchen gardens and meat and eggs as a result of chicken rearing which has been enabled through the installation of a number of hen houses.

    In addition to this the project has provided a number of training workshops on subjects such as food security and nutrition; raising small animals, farming techniques as well as coffee quality and management. Bi-monthly advice is given to the members on organic gardening, raising small animals and how to improve the quality of the coffee by drying the beans with a solar dryer.

    One of the key aims of the project is to help the producers increase productivity and improve the quality of coffee and to help with this 15 of the families were provided with solar dryers and 10 received coffee pulpers. This work has seen 15 members of the co-operative increase productivity to 20 QQ (quinatal/100lbs)/ha and every member has delivered 10 QQ of specialty coffees with 83.23 cup points, in the 2019 campaign.

    We are pleased that through our support of this important project we are helping improve the quality of life for the coffee families who are part of this co-operative and also helping contribute to the Fairtrade Foundation’s vision of a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future.

    supporting Peruvian coffee growing families