Our concierge services aim to improve your work/life balance and quality of life, allowing you to make more time for yourself.

Supporting with a wide range of requests, from everyday assistance such as dry cleaning, home repairs, and errand running, through to personal shopping, restaurant reservations, and travel bookings; our team of Lifestyle Executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Depending on your business needs, we provide both onsite and digital concierge services, and our team of Lifestyle Executives are experts in local, national, and international knowledge, ensuring you’ll always get the best service and information wherever you are in the world.

Business Impacts & Benefits

Working from home

Concierge is uniquely positioned to tackle life admin and home distractions, offering the employee support in their home, allowing them time to focus, and in turn increasing productivity. We can also tackle the feeling of isolation, offering virtual programs homeworkers can join with others in their network.

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Employee well-being

We remove work/home distractions by tackling pressing and time-absorbing tasks. This in turn allows the employee to focus on the task at hand, maximise their downtime, reclaim their lunch break and engage with colleagues. The result – a happier, healthier workforce who will be better engaged and more productive.

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We receive 99% of concierge requests during business hours, with concierge users saving almost 3 hours of their own time. Over the course of a week/month/year, that’s a lot of time invested back into your business.

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Offering a concierge service is a statement to candidates that the employer cares for their well-being and is prepared to provide enhanced services to improve the employee experience and support their people inside and outside of work.

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Our Services

Digital Concierge

We are increasingly working non-traditional hours and are just as likely now to be working from home as we are from the office. A simple phone call, email, or visit to the member portal provides direct and immediate access to our team of Lifestyle Executives – offering your employees a workplace experience wherever they are - 24/7, 365 days a year.

Onsite Concierge

Integrated into the workplace, the onsite concierge replicates a service experience synonymous with renowned hotels and hospitality brands. Equipped with local knowledge of your workplace area, we can deliver a service unique to your business and your employees.

NEW Re-engage Service

A customised program designed to promote a safe and healthy return to the workplace for employers and employees. From re-entry readiness consultations to centralised support for employee questions and enquiries, Circles Re-Engage enables reacclimation in uncertain times and helps employees stay informed and reassured.