Asymptomatic Covid-19 Testing

By creating an onsite testing facility on your premises - from office to factory, school or university - you’ll be able to offer a safer, more controlled environment, proactively tackling the spread of infection within your communities.


Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve worked with the Department of Health to help design and establish the operation of test centres, and now manage over 150 across the UK.


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Where we provide services

We can support schools, universities and corporate organisations to deliver best in class testing programmes, in as little as two weeks.

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Universities and Independent Schools

Manage the risk of infection and protect all your faculty, staff and students by providing regular checks.

Corporate Organisations

Support the security of all your employees and create confidence in returning to the office.

Why provide onsite testing?

  • Mitigate and manage the risk in your spaces: A regular, consistent check can help with early identification of infection, and reduces the reliance on self-testing
  • Help ensure business continuity: Help ensure continuity, where an infection outbreak could result in significant interruption
  • Create confidence in returning to your spaces: Visibly assist and support people, giving more confidence in their return to your spaces
  • Access valuable reporting: Receive insights to aid research-based decision making about your business

A fully managed service:

Sodexo can:Cleaning

  • Supply all resources including recruitment and training
  • Deploy standard operating procedures
  • Manage cleaning and Infection Control on site
  • Provide catering for frontline teams
  • Security services and queue management
  • Administer and dispatch completed test

Service Benefits

Rapid mobilisation of a test site on your premises

We can create a tailored solution for each site, while leveraging our worldwide supply chain within as little as 2 weeks.

A fully managed service:

We provide end-to-end management of all staffing requirements necessities, as well as security, clinical waste management and ongoing maintenance necessities.

The highest standards of health and safety

We ensure that a robust and safe clinical governance framework is implemented as required, using our experience of training and team management.

We are well placed to help:

  • Sodexo currently manages over 150 Covid-19 test centres across the UK on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). 
  • We worked with the DHSC to design the operation of the test centres and evaluate different swab test methods.
  • We have helped trial rapid lateral flow tests in different locations in England.
  • A dedicated seven-day-a-week recruitment centre has been set up to ensure that all our test centres are fully staffed at all times.
  • Our 9,000+ strong national test centre workforce is equivalent to the size of four major police forces.
  • All staff receive comprehensive health, safety and customer service training.
  • As one of the government’s strategic suppliers, we provided catering and security services for the first British coronavirus evacuees returning from China in January 2020.
  • In the UK, we have provided cleaning, catering, infection control, facilities management services for acute NHS hospitals for many years.

Community Testing for Local Authorities

We are here to play a vital role in protecting communities against Covid-19. Sodexo has the capacity, skills and experience in Covid-19 mass testing to operate your end-to-end centre process. Sodexo currently manages over 150 Covid-19 test centres across the UK on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

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Client Stories

Read how we're supporting community testing through client testimonials below.



  • 7,000 tests a day help to protect Greenwich from Covid-19

"The demands for testing are constantly changing and, having engaged with Sodexo, we are able to deliver an agile testing programme. Sodexo are an important partner to help supply these services." 

David Pinson, Head of Commissioning and Health Protection, Public Health Lead for Children and Young People, Public Health & Well Being - Read More


Mobile testing options to support rural communities in Cheshire East2021-04-06_CommunityTesting_Email3_3.jpg

"Sodexo’s mobile dynamic response units provided us with the exact product we needed to achieve our aims and having seen them operate PCR testing sites we were confident they would deliver the best service possible.” 

Lucie Robinson, Programme Manager & People Directorate - Read More



  • Helping Shropshire Council to keep those who can’t work from home safe

"The contract was up and running in two weeks from initial discussion and Sodexo have provided an additional operational arm to our program that is cost effective and does not draw down on our already stretched available resource.”

Ken Stringer, Public Health Programme Commissioning Lead - Read More 

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