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Local, seasonal and sustainable

From north to south, east to west, we scour the country for the best ingredients. It’s important to us that our suppliers are knowledgeable and passionate about their products and that sustainability and ethical practices are high on their agenda too. In the UK, local provenance is a key consideration, both for our clients and Sodexo because we know that locally sourced food tends to be fresher and more sustainable.

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Where our food comes from

White Lake Cheese

White Lake Cheese operates in deepest Somerset, on a family-run farm for three generations. True to their artisan roots, all processes are still carried out by hand using all the traditional methods.

Just as Roger’s grandparents started making their own cheddar many years ago, in 2001, Roger started experimenting with goats milk for cheese. Quickly, his products became favourites at local farmer’s markets. In 2016, a local farmer had some leftover sheep’s milk, so Roger experimented and soon produced an award-winning range of sheep’s cheese. There are now five varieties in the collection.

Pete of White Lake Cheese – also a master cheese-maker – met our chefs at a Sodexo supplier day, and together they decided to create a bespoke cheese for Royal Ascot. Roger and Pete’s Royal Ascot cheese is washed in cider brandy, rather than saltwater. The cheese’s texture is akin to soft Manchego – with toffee and nuts in the aftertaste.


Dingley Dell Pork

Dingley Dell Pork was established in 1999 by brothers Mark and Paul Hayward on their farm in the beautiful Deben Valley in Suffolk.

Their aim is to produce superb tasting, welfare friendly pork with impeccable provenance. The environment at Dingley Dell is geared towards the welfare of the animals and they are proud to have been a member of the RSPCA's Freedom Food scheme for over 15 years now.

Mark said: “You are looking at animals that will live a stress-free life. Tastewise; absolutely fantastic. It’s about welfare of the animal. It’s about innovations and partnerships and we’re delighted to be working with Sodexo on a variety of things, from taste to sustainability. “For us to be part of Freedom Food scheme is fantastic because it gives us that independent accreditation.

“What you need as a farmer is an end user who can respect and see value. In effect, Sodexo are paying for these animals to have this lifestyle.”


Chalk Stream Foods

Chalk Stream Foods are based just outside Romsey, where the founders, Arthur Voelcker and Hugo Hardman are proud to fish in what they call ‘Hampshire’s secret larder’. It’s all about the trout – specifically Chalk Stream trout. Their farms are on the world famous Chalk Streams, the Test and Itchen, often described as being ‘gin clear’.

As Arthur explains ‘it is this clean and constantly flowing water that provides the perfect habitat for our trout to grow. With around two tonnes of water entering the farm every second our trout are always swimming giving them great muscle structure as well as being very lean’.

Fish husbandry is led by Pete Ware, known as the ‘fish whisperer’. He is on site every day, feeding the trout right through to when they are harvested. Each fish is sorted by hand to check for quality by Pete and his expert team, and each one is harvested to order to ensure absolute freshness. With hand fileting and smoking done locally, Chalk Stream Foods are able to get their prized fish from water to waiter in 48 hours.