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Our Public Service Pledge

An ethical manifesto for our contracts, people and communities. At Sodexo we are committed to delivering services that achieve value, better outcomes and improve quality of life.

Delivering social value

Our commitments

Our stories

At Sodexo our pledge is communicated through the way that we work. Click on the stories below to read about how we are putting our pledge into action

Saabir's story

Saabir’s Story

Saabir Aydarus is on a catering assistant placement at Charing Cross Hospital in London. Saabir has a learning disability and was referred to Sodexo through the DFN Project Search programme.

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Joe & Steph’s popcorn

We support and work with SMEs, micro SMEs and social enterprises

A third of our spending is with SMEs, micro SMEs and social enterprises. By partnering with family businesses like Joe & Steph’s popcorn we have helped them reach new markets.

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Coffee with a conscience helps London’s homeless

Back in early 2015 Cemal Ezel pondered a question: how can I use our caffeine obsession to tackle homelessness?

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Our commitment to employing ex-offenders to help reduce re-offending

On the surface, life was going well for Siobhan. She was working two steady jobs: one at the local council, and a second as a receptionist in the A&E department at the local hospital. But behind closed doors, Siobhan was battling an addiction that turned her world upside down. Here she tells how a prison sentence actually changed her life, for the better.

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Meeting new challenges after 30 years in Facilities Management

Val has gained a wealth of experience during her impressive career, yet a new global role is providing exciting new opportunities.

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Liam Clements apprenticeship

Joining a culinary apprenticeship means Liam is cooking up a storm

Up and coming culinary superstar, Liam Clements, is an apprentice based in the Tidworth Garrison at Bhurtpore Barracks, supporting a team of twenty chefs to produce over 800 meals a day for the British Army.

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