What we do

We deliver the total operation of seven prisons in England and Scotland, managing over 7,000 prisoners in high and medium security facilities, of which over 800 are women. 


Our focus is on reducing reoffending through rehabilitation. We support people in our care to change their lives for the better by providing opportunities for purposeful activity and employment skills, education and rehabilitation support services. 


We operate under values of respect and decency. We work with many partners across different areas to assist offenders and contribute positively to the communities we work in. 


We run all operations in prisons. If you wish to know more about how we could improve the operations and running of a prison, please click the contact button below. 

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Prison Food Company

Changing Lives for the Better

We aim to change lives for the better by providing safe, secure, and decent prison services and working in partnership.

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Changing Lives for the Better

Positive Impact

Prison Facilities Management Company

How Sodexo is supporting students with employability skills

Sodexo has run an employability event for 30 students from the University of Greenwich, designed to give students insight into what employers are looking for and advice on being ‘employment-ready’

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Prison Food Service

Food Trends on Campus

Sodexo feeds students and university staff at nearly 50 university sites across the UK and Ireland, and 1600 sites globally, so we’d like to think we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to Gen Z food trends.

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people on probation

Sodexo Justice: Delivering social value

Sodexo deals with thousands of people and their families every day. We are here to help rebuild lives.