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Community support by prison


Community services

We work with around 100,000 people every year, some of whom are the most disadvantaged in society, with the aim of changing their lives for the better. In local communities we work closely with a range of partner agencies in Criminal Justice, Local Authorities, DWP, the Health Service and local VCS (voluntary, community,social) organisations to improve their quality of life.

What we do

Our CRCs (Community Rehabilitation Companies) supervise people who have been convicted of crime by the courts and are given a community or custodial sentence. The CRCs ensure people complete their sentences and undertake any requirements such as unpaid work and behaviour change programmes. 

We also provide enhanced through the gate services to help people leaving prison settle back into the community after serving a custodial sentence. Our aim is to give people a chance to turn their lives around.

A fundamental part of our role is to help people create a more secure and stable lifestyle for themselves, including finding work and access to education, skills and training, finding stable accommodation, sorting out debts and benefits, dealing with relationship issues or tackling an addiction, and improving physical and mental wellbeing.   

We have strong local partnerships with statutory, third sector and voluntary organisations to support people to turn their lives around.

We recognise and acknowledge that many people in society are facing similar issues and we want to extend our knowledge skills and experience in the employability and health markets. 

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Creating positive futures

Sodexo’s model focuses on creating a positive future for the people we supervise, and supporting victims and their families. Our aim is to improve the Quality of Life in our communities by reducing reoffending and equipping offenders to lead law abiding lives as individuals and citizens.

Our ‘model’ takes a person-centered approach, working with the individual offender in identifying both their strengths and what they need to work on to stop offending and improve their future prospects.

Sodexo works with a range of community based partners who are experts in their field, offering a range of support services such as help with finding a home, starting a job or training course, overcoming addiction, dealing with mental health problems, getting family or parenting support, and managing money. These services are provided in the local community so that offenders can access them easily in a more informal setting.

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Prison Custody Officers Recruitment Services

Prison services

Did you know we can also supply services within prisons? 

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Prisoner Community Support


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Sodexo Justice: Delivering social value

Sodexo deals with thousands of people and their families every day. We are here to help rebuild lives.

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