Offshore Facilities Management brings consistent operations and happy crews

Published on : 10/10/23
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  • Offshore facilities management creates unique challenges for operators. The offshore industry needs to operate safely and manage assets efficiently, all while keeping crews happy away from home and attracting and retaining talent. Revamping living quarters can help to improve the experience for the people on board, and an integrated approach offers the biggest benefits.

    What is offshore facilities management? 

    Offshore facilities management encompasses catering, housekeeping, technical maintenance and refurbishment support on offshore platforms and vessels. Sodexo’s goal as an offshore FM provider is to keep operators 100% focused on extraction by giving their crews a safe, comfortable and productive environment in which to live and work. 

    What are the challenges of offshore facilities management? 

    Offshore operators work in remote locations that create unique logistical challenges. Their platforms, rigs and vessels must withstand difficult climates and environments. They must meet strict compliance and safety standards and assure the work of multiple suppliers across many installations. Operators also rely on crews with specialised skill sets and technical certifications, which means they need to offer a home away from home for weeks at a time. 

    What services are included in offshore FM? 

    • Food and Facilities Management Services 

    Offshore crews will often move between platforms, so it can be a challenge for operators to sustain the same ‘at home’ feeling everywhere. Sodexo knows that food plays a vital role in offshore living by helping crews to energise and socialise. That’s why our catering services include varied cuisines and themed events that make the most of local produce, delivering the same exceptional quality on each installation. We also know that teams value well-designed and well-maintained living quarters, so we provide cleaning, laundry and housekeeping services that ensure restful cabins, welcoming mess halls and inspiring recreational rooms. 

    • Multi-skilled Technicians and Administration 

    Operators want more time to focus on extraction, which is why offshore facilities management can extend to technical support too. For example, we use our global reach and expertise to deliver heli-admin services, oversee waste management and provide trained, multi-skilled technicians to handle technical maintenance. It’s about enabling specialist crew members to stay focused on core business. 

    • Health & Safety and Environmental Management 

    When it comes to offshore industries, health and wellbeing is of paramount concern. Regular inspections, tight compliance controls and strong hygiene practices are essential to keeping people safe and platforms running smoothly. Sodexo’s ‘Safety Nets’ programme includes technology and tools that help our teams to prevent harm and improve performance. We bring the same rigour to environmental management, with sourcing, policies and procedures designed to ensure regulatory compliance and sustainable operations. 

    • Asset Management  woman making laundry

    To withstand harsh environments and avoid costly shutdowns, offshore assets need regular maintenance and repair. We offer clients a range of services to manage the complete asset life cycle of facilities and equipment in living quarters, kitchens and laundries. We deliver asset management, reactive and planned maintenance and a range of ad-hoc projects, including refurbishments. We plan, design and deliver with the needs of the crew in mind, allowing operators to concentrate on keeping the platform running smoothly. 

    Why choose integrated offshore services? 

    Offshore oil and gas industries want to operate safety, efficiently and without interruption. They rely on well-maintained assets, robust administration and a skilled and happy crew. That’s why we take a ‘one-team’ approach to delivering additional refurbishment projects, bringing in the expertise of highly-capable colleagues to extract the biggest benefit from every space, keep things running smoothly and provide safe, comfortable living quarters.  

    Get in touch to find out how our integrated offshore services keep operators focused on their core activities. 

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