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The Crystal

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Pioneering sustainability at The Crystal

The iconic Crystal building on London’s Royal Victoria Dock has been a pioneer of sustainable practices since it opened in 2012 and Sodexo has been involved from the start.

Originally established by Siemens as a showcase for their sustainable building technologies, The Crystal remains one of the world’s most sustainable buildings, producing 70% less CO2 emissions than similar UK office space. This year the site was adopted by the Great London Authority and came under control of the Mayor of London, with all catering on site provided by Sodexo.

“Probably the biggest recent story for us this year has been our commitment to zero plastics,” says Sodexo’s Sue Walker, Catering Operations Manager - Sodexo Prestige Venues & Events.   

Public awareness of sustainability issues is now so much higher than when we started. At The Crystal, we set out to take the public with us on this sustainability journey, from the start. The difference now is that we are also responding to their demands for change.

Making a difference at The Crystal

Zero plastic actions

  • All water sold on site is in aluminium cans, from CanO Water.
  • Glass, china and non-disposable cutlery is now used, washed and re-used for all catered events.
  • Takeout containers are 100 per cent compostable, plant-based Vegeware packaging.  

Zero to landfill

  • All food waste is sent to industrial composers, where an anaerobic digestion process turns it into bio-fuel — a clean gas, with a by-product used as fertiliser.

Low food miles

  • As much food as possible comes from local suppliers, sourced by Sodexo’s central purchasing function. Bread comes from a bakery nearby in Greenwich, and vegetables from east London.

As of 1 February 2020, products containing unrecyclable polystyrene and single use plastic bags have been removed from our supply chain. Click here to find out more about the steps we’ve already taken to reduce the plastics we use.

February 04, 2020

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