Queen’s Hospital, Romford, UK

Sodexo at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

Published on : 4/24/19
  • Queen’s Hospital, Romford is one of the largest acute hospital trusts in England and provides a range of acute and specialist services.

    As part of our five-year contract extension with Queen’s Hospital, Sodexo initiated a series of improvements and innovations in cleaning, patient dining and retail aimed at further enhancing the patient experience.

    To provide increased protection against the spread of pathogen-caused infections, Sodexo deployed an automated room disinfection service using innovative ultraviolet disinfection technology. In the U.S., hospitals using these robots have reported 50-100% decreases in their infection rates. Foodservices innovations include introduction of Vive! steam-cooked meals to offer optimum freshness and faster delivery of patient-ordered meals.

    Sodexo also introduced more gluten-free and vegan menus and uses flexi-style menus to ensure availability of patient meal preferences. For younger consumers, a new children’s menu has been created, with colorful menus and service trolleys. Sodexo also is extensively refurbishing the hospital’s retail operations to feature contemporary new outlets and services.

    The contract extension reinforces our 10-year partnership throughout which we have provided a wide array of technical and soft services.