Transforming Workplaces with Vital Spaces

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The way people work — and how they experience work — is changing rapidly, and the spaces in which they work must also evolve.

Your people expect flexible, energising spaces and worklife benefits that support their productivity and wellbeing. Vital Spaces empowers workplace transformation, by getting the best out of your workspaces usage and keeping people at the heart of all you do. See how our workspace optimisation solutions create agile workplaces, meaningful employee connections and optimised business performance.

Workplace Transformation That Empowers Your People

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Vital Spaces

Vital Spaces empowers you to optimise your workspace in a way that prepares your business for shifting futures and helps get the best out of your workspaces usage and your people. It’s our global knowledge in workspace management and our unique approach in workplace optimisation that encompasses the full range of our expertise in the workplace and worklife services to transform your business and improve your employees' experience.

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Workspace Optimisation that works for Your People and Your Business

We know you’re encountering both new and familiar challenges related to the current socio-economic environment. On one hand, you’re weighing how your actions will impact the future of your business and, on the other hand, your employees’ livelihoods are at stake.

Based on our rich understanding of these changes and deep global expertise, Vital Spaces involves a strategic analysis of your existing spaces in relation to the evolving remote work dynamic. 

Our goal is to ensure your workspace design empower people to work productively and provide the services that keep them engaged, motivated, happy and healthy.

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Infographic, 90% of CEOS have taken action to support the mental health & well-being of employees of over the past six months. 1 in 3 CEOS surveyed in Sept. 2020 expect additional layoffs in the next 12 months. 76% of CEOS say they will need less office space in the future.

Impacts of an agile workplace

  • workspace optimization

    Optimised Space

    Get the most out of your space

  • Reduced Cost Icon

    Reduced Cost

    A seamless connected solution

  • Sustainability Icon

    Sustainable Practices

    Support sustainability practices

  • Talent SuperHero Icon

    Talent Attraction

    Healthy, safe and confident employees

  • Increased Productivity Icon

    Increased Productivity

    Motivate and empower teams