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Positive recruitment of ex-military personnel


Proud to serve the UK’s Armed forces for over 30 years

Quality of life has huge impact on the performance of the Armed Forces. Troops need to be prepared, able and willing to perform. We have over 30 years’ experience in providing services to improve the quality of life for those who serve in the UK’s Armed Forces and their families. By adopting a partnership approach, we can ensure that our services can help to guide people towards physical, mental and motivational readiness.

Supporting the Armed Forces

At Sodexo, we have a long history of working with the British military, spanning over 30 years, and focusing on the wellbeing and quality of life of the entire Armed Forces Community including clients, military personnel and their families.

Strong policies to support Reservists

Strong policies to support Reservists

We are committed to being flexible in granting leave to enable employees to train with the Reserve Forces. When circumstances allow, granting additional unpaid leave per year to help reservists support the regular Armed Forces.

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Positive recruitment of ex-military personnel

We actively recruit ex-services personnel to help with transition into civilian life and in our Public Service Pledge, as part of our commitment to the Armed Forces, we have pledged to employ 200 ex-service personnel by the end of 2018

Helping military families

We recognise that regular postings associated with military careers can cause big disruptions to family life so we aim to minimise these kinds of disruptions by providing employment opportunities for the spouses of service personnel who are posted into areas where we have contracts.

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Support for Armed Forces charities

We are proud to support a number of service charities, in particular SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. Our 14 year old partnership with them has included volunteering, employee fundraising, sponsorship of some of their key activities and through Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation, we fund SSAFA’s homelessness fund.