Improving the Lived Experience through Soft FM

The lived experience of service personnel on base is heavily influenced by the physical environment, the food they eat and what they do in their spare time. It defines their wellbeing as well as their satisfaction with the role, so its impact on operational capability cannot be overstated.

Catering, waste management and cleaning can all help to ensure a seamless and positive experience, supporting individual health and wellbeing, as well as the readiness of a unit.

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healthcare management services

Soft FM Services for Safe and Efficient Forces

Facilities management is key to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. In the Armed Forces, a base is not just a workplace; it is also where people live and eat. True wellbeing is determined by the lived experience - firmly underpinned by soft FM.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions for offices, messes, accommodation, windows, laundry, and specialist areas such as medical centres and swimming pools.

Data-Driven Solutions

IT systems to support data-driven decision-making, with visibility of all account data, fully aligned with MOD accounting requirements.

Mess Management

Mess and hotel services that are ready to welcome guests at any time of day – from morning tea and toast to a silver service dinner.

The Moments that Matter

Life on a military site is unique. Few people from outside the armed forces can ever truly appreciate the day-to-day realities, the impact on families and loved ones, and the mental, physical and emotional tolls a life of service can take.

This report examines the key moments in the journey on base - not only for service personnel, but for their families and loved ones too. From pre-arrival to departure, there are countless opportunities and occasions to enhance the lived experience on base and beyond.

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Catering Services

The Future of Military Dining

Discover how JRD by Kitchen Works Co. was developed to respond to the needs of the modern military; offering a modern, high-quality, attractive, value-for-money mess driven by specially commissioned research into the lived experience of Armed Forces personnel. 

JRD by Kitchen Works Co. delivers fresh, innovative menus alongside a stylish redesigned restaurant space where customers can relax and refresh. 

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The Roadmap for a Net Zero World

As a corporate citizen, we have placed the responsibility to protect our planet at the forefront of our business strategy for more than 50 years, creating a better everyday for all through a commitment to repair and sustain our planet.

Our Pledge for the Planet

By switching to 100% renewable electricity options, reducing emissions from business travel and our property footprint, and promoting sustainable sourcing with more plant-based choices on our menus, we will meet our pledge cut to our carbon footprint by 34% by 2025 – in line with the Paris Agreement.

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Government Schools Cleaning Services

A Culture of Environmental Responsibility

We are actively implementing a strategy of reducing, recovering, and repurposing to minimise or eliminate waste and to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. These activities will enable us to help cut carbon, not only at Sodexo, but also in partnership with our clients and supply chain.

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