Integrated facilities services to support the Defence sector

Sodexo provides a full range of facilities management services to keep military facilities in top condition, improving your outcomes and opperational costs. From cleaning and maintenance, to security and IT management, we'll keep your facilities running smoothly.

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Improving the Lived Experience and Defence Opperations

Cleaning Solutions

We deliver comprehensive cleaning solutions for offices, living accommodation, windows and laundry, as well as specialist cleaning for areas such as medical centres and swimming pools to meet the needs of our military customers.

IT Managed Systems

We have developed IT systems to manage utilities, finances, procurement and warehouse functions which also provide our clients with excellent visibility of all account data quickly and accurately. We implement rigorous defence accommodation stores validation controls in accordance with MOD accounting procedures.

Energy Comsumption and Tariffs

We also manage the validation of energy consumption and tariffs, invoices and payment approval in compliance with MOD regulations, processing in excess of 40,000 bills per year.

Defence Catering & Food Services

Our defence food services, retail and leisure facilities have been developed to combine high street style restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and leisure services, with the unique and varied needs of Armed Forces personnel and their families.

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Property and technical services

We also provide complete management of all the services in Government and Defence owned properties including our Integrator model.

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Property and Technical Services

Village, a multi-functional hub for the Whole Force

Designed to create connections, build community and foster morale, Village is a multifunctional hub that incorporates one stop catering, retail and leisure facilities.

Our purpose is to create a better quality of life on base and Village is specifically designed to address the most pressing needs of today’s whole force.

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Positive Impact

Armed Forces Entertainment Services

Armed Forces Corporate Covenant Pledge

Sodexo is committed to supporting the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant. The Covenant sets out the relationship between the nation, the government and the armed forces.

Government Schools Cleaning Services

Public Service Pledge

Our pledges highlight our conviction that a business responsible for delivering public services signs a social contract, as well as a commercial one.

Designed to integrate with military life

Village integrates with the specific needs of each site and its customers, offering four key services driven by unique innovation.

- People Engagement: Driving every day, ongoing engagement.
- Physical Environment: Bringing people together to collaborate and boost camaraderie.
- Technology Enablement: Innovation to enable and enhance the user journey and experience.
- Food and Beverage: Scalable and flexible to requirements.

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meals to the Armed Forced every year

Catering teams work in partnership with military chefs

Sodexo’s catering teams work in partnership with military chefs to deliver thousands of meals every day to the British Armed Forces.