All day food for modern living

Modern Recipe makes every day delicious. It’s modern and healthy office food that’s in tune with bodies and minds and enjoyed in great spaces.

Contemporary menus showcase delicious dishes made with responsibly-sourced ingredients. Light-filled design layouts adapt beautifully to every workplace. And hospitality blends perfectly with the latest technology to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

It’s food for better connections, everywhere, always. 

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A person pouring sauce over a bowl of food, adding flavor and enhancing the dish's presentation

For happy, healthy and productive offices

Today’s employees see health and wellness as a vital element of their working lives. By placing sustainable, modern and healthy office food centre-stage, Modern Recipe supports people, places and planet.

A plate of delicious meat, carrots, and greens.

Nourishing employee well-being

Modern Recipes brings the best from the high street into the heart of the office. Our menus evolve as the seasons change to keep things fresh, and our hospitality culture keeps people supported and welcome, all day.

A bowl of food with fresh vegetables and savory sauce, perfect for a healthy and delicious meal

Making healthy choices easier

Inspiring food is our starting point, and our menus keep health and wellness at their heart. With Modern Recipe, the healthiest choice is often the easiest choice. It’s about feeling fuelled and feeling good, whenever people eat.

A table displaying a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables

Choosing plant-forward nutrition

Today’s employees are health-conscious and planet-conscious too. They want to make responsible choices and Modern Recipe makes that happen. With 50% of our menu plant-powered, we take a no-compromise approach to sustainable food.

Three bowls of food with broccoli, carrots, and bell peppers, each topped with a different sauce

Engaging employees through healthy food

Employees who are well-fed and well-rested feel happier at work. We create food experiences that keep people coming back, with natural light and seasonal ingredients that bring the outdoors inside.

Modern Recipe: delicious all day, always

The best workplace experiences create reasons to connect. Modern Recipe’s curated food and drink selections are designed to excite and inspire, whenever they’re needed.

A hand of a person holding a fork and a bowl of food


Trend-forward and globally inspired, our everyday delicious food creates a sense of purpose and connection.

Two pizzas on white plates with various toppings, including cheese, pepperoni, and vegetables


We meet your employees wherever they are, matching their mood and their needs all the way from restaurants to smart fridges.

A bowl filled with various vegetables, including a single piece of broccoli


More plants, fewer processes and the finest seasonal ingredients place wellbeing at the heart of the workplace.

More than a workplace restaurant

Modern Recipe is on a mission to serve contemporary, health-conscious and sustainable food wherever it’s needed. Purpose built for flexibility, we offer scalable and portable formats to take inspirational dishes to your people, however they want it.

From restaurants, cafés and coffee shops to kitchenettes, micromarkets and smart fridges, we’ve got choices for every lifestyle and every mood, all day. 

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Assorted salads on white table, including Caesar, Greek, and garden salads with colorful vegetables

Food innovation popping up near you

Food plays a key role in a great workplace, and today’s consumers want it on demand. Modern Recipe extends modern and healthy office food beyond the kitchen and into pop-ups and micromarkets.

Ready to reveal something new, celebrate something special or help a late-working team stay focused, we foster a sense of belonging and create reasons to connect. Working with local SMEs to showcase new brands, we make sustainable food (and even hot food) available always.

Unleash the power of choice

With technology continuing to transform what and how we eat, Modern Recipe integrates the very best of digital to make every experience feel personal.

With our Everyday app, guests can explore menus, order online, pay on their phone and offer instant feedback. And with smart fridges and vending options that elevate self-service, we make nutritious, well-sourced food available easily, always. 

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Making a positive impact in all we do

We’ve pledged to create a healthier, greener, safer and more prosperous society across the UK and Ireland. Along four impact pathways – People, Planet, Places and Partners – we’re working towards a better tomorrow.

A container of food on a kitchen counter

Fighting food waste

We’re using a measurement system called WasteWatch to help us cut food waste by 50% by 2025.

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Rescuing wonky veg

Our Wasteful to Tasteful initiative uses produce that would otherwise go to waste.

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Net zero by 2040

We’re actively decarbonising our business, working closely with clients, suppliers and expert partners.

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