Offshore refurbishment: spaces supporting operators and delighting crews

Published on : 10/10/23
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  • Offshore refurbishment projects extend the life of key assets on complex rigs and vessels. When these projects deploy the right tech and work in sync with the day to day, they can also drive efficiencies. But when operators need to give their crews a home away from home, refurbishments must start with the needs of the people on board.

    What is Offshore Refurbishment? 

    Offshore refurbishment involves the renewal, upgrade and redesign of offshore living and workplaces. These remote and complex sites must withstand all weathers, but refurbishment is far from just a maintenance issue. It’s as much about crew performance and wellbeing as it is about asset life cycles. 

    Offshore refurbishment can cover:  

    • Living quarters, such as cabins, wet rooms and communal areas: crews want safe, hygienic and relaxing spaces that make them feel at home 

    • Food preparation and dining spaces like galley and mess halls: these are social spaces that should foster team spirit and belonging 

    • Recreational facilities like gyms, cinemas and lounges: these need to run safely and smoothly whenever people need them 

    • Administration and meeting spaces for operations: these places must run seamlessly and minimise distraction 

    Refurbishment can encompass complete redesigns, brand new technologies and more sustainable operating practices too. 

    What offshore services are included in refurbishments?   

    Redesign of offshore living quarters 

    By revitalising mess halls, cabins or guest accommodation, operators can provide crews with modern, spacious and relaxing interiors. When we deliver offshore refurbishment programmes, we use our global expertise in integrated facilities management to handle the entire redesign process. This helps our clients to enhance the offshore environment while staying focused on core business.  

    Smart maintenance 

    Deploying IoT sensors and tech during refurbishments can enable predictive maintenance. This means repairs and servicing can be planned based on real-time needs, keeping critical offshore assets up and running and keeping maintenance costs down. 

    Capital project management 

    Our offshore clients that require larger-scale refurbishments, for example on older installations, can benefit from full project management support. This includes budgets and schedules for complex upgrades and the sourcing of specialist vendors and expertise from our robust global supply chain.  


    Offshore refurbishment projects can unlock opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Introducing renewable energy, using energy-efficient equipment, reducing waste, improving recycling and using renewable parts can all drive efficiencies as they shrink carbon footprints.  

    Integrated offshore services: combining refurbishment and facilities management 

    Our approach to refurbishment is always to plan and deliver them with offshore facilities management in mind. As an offshore FM provider, Sodexo’s goal is to keep operators 100% focused on core business by giving crews a safe, comfortable and productive environment. We take advantage of our global scale and expertise to bring the right people on board but we deliver as one team. This means scoping, costing, design and delivery is planned as one and with a shared ambition: efficient operations and happier crews.  

    Get in touch to find out more about our integrated offshore services.  

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