Facility Management Services for Increasing Efficiency

At Sodexo, we pride ourselves on encouraging a culture of innovation and forward-thinking strategies. Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies help us offer an advanced level of service and make every day a better day. We’re constantly striving to optimise the efficiency of your business, to bring you the best services in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our work covers a wide variety of businesses in all corners of the market in the private and public sector, this has given us the experience and flexibility to deliver a multitude of efficient facility management services for your company. We’ve leveraged leading-edge solutions for maximum operational efficiency to create work environments that look to the future, with a focus on sustainable, seamless, and cost-effective solutions.

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A range of facilities management services

Managing Facilities from Offices to Production Plants

We are a professional integrated facilities services company that takes care of your entire facilities management needs to help you create a consistent level of services.

We provide a range of facilities services including deep cleaning, window cleaning and office cleaning, front of house, security, mailroom, document and secure data management, waste management, laundry, transportation, health and safety, fitness facilities, conference centre management & more.

We always ensure personalised service, looking after your specific needs and taking care of your people. Sodexo also gives you a unique combination of global expertise and local knowledge.

Facilities Management Services

Soft Facilities Services

Hard Facilities Services

Aim to deliver customer excellence

As the largest facilities management company in the UK, and with our global expertise and local knowledge, we are committed to delivering customer excellence.


Our aim is not just meeting your expectations but exceeding them. We engage with you as our client, and also with your employees, and customers in order to gain a real understanding of what you need and what's important to your organisation. In all that we do we care about making a positive impact on our clients.


By empowering our colleagues to come up with unique solutions to your challenges, to make the best decisions for our clients, ensuring the focus is on achieving long term goals and sustainable business for the future.


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Facilities management contractors uk

Enabling technology to deliver excellence

We provide fully integrated facilities and property management services, from managing guest services to ensuring your security, building maintenance, laundry and cleaning, transportation and data services, with one point of contact for all your management needs.

As technology becomes increasingly present in everyday life, we are reinforcing the use of data and analytics to respond to the evolving needs of our clients and consumers and to provide innovative concepts and solutions.

We embrace new technologies and integrate digital solutions into client offers in order for us all to operate in a more effective manner & help us run our businesses a whole lot smarter. We'll deliver the right package for your specific needs and business objectives.