Improving Patient Nutrition Meal by Meal

Our patient meal services help support improved clinical outcomes by providing nourishing food that’s essential for assisting recovery and maintaining the health and wellbeing of hospital patients.

We provide a wide range of cost-effective patient hospital food that offers well-balanced, flexible patient dining to suit the diverse nutritional, cultural and religious requirements of people staying in hospital.

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Our Approach to Patient Dining

Developed by our healthcare dietitian, our patient meal services support patients’ different nutritional needs with a wide selection of traditional meals, plated selection and prestige menus.

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Customised Menu Plans

Well-balanced menus are provided that are full of nutrients for all the dietary needs of your different patient groups, from paediatric to care of the elderly.

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Nutritional Evaluation

All menus comply with national standards and are designed by healthcare clinical professionals to ensure our well-trained teams deliver optimal care.

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Special Diets and Allergies

Catering to a wide range of dietary needs, we work closely with Trust dietitans and patients to provide any specialised needs as required.

Our Patient Hospital Food Range

Our range of hospital food meets the diverse nutritional, cultural and religious needs of hospital patients with a wide range of quality hospital meals. Our patient meal service includes flexible frozen and chilled meals for longer stay,
care of the lderly and mental health patients.

We offer Mini Meals Extra which are packed with nutritional value and protein and suitable for patients with reduced appetites such as those with dementia, who need to maintain or gain weight or those that need nourishment after treatment. We also offer a range of innovative finger foods that are beneficial for patients with

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Our main provider apetito has been making mealtimes matter in health and care catering for over 60 years. Two different types of meal solution are offered as well as a range of special diet meals to meet the needs of patients.

The multi portion range has 200 nutritionally balanced dishes available. Carte Choix plated meals are designed for flexibility and include over 30 pre-portioned main courses , 7 hot desserts and 11 types of soup.

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Increasing Patient Nutritional Intake

Collecting patient experience feedback helps us to provide evidence-based, nutritionally balanced hospital food menus to support patient recovery and wellbeing. Each hospital meal is carefully developed by our dietitian and catering SME with taste, choice and nourishment in mind.

Nutrition analysis and allergen data is available for every meal and our patient menus comply with relevant standards and guidelines such as the British Dietetic Association Digest and Hospital Food Standards. The right food can transform how patients feel physically and mentally, and ultimately improve their experience in hospital.

Wastewatch: Reducing Food Waste

Sodexo prevented 4,000kg of food waste while maintaining 77% satisfaction rate with quality of food. Download our case study that shows the results of our food waste reduction solution WasteWatch, introduced at our partnered North Devon District Hospital site in March 2021.

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Promoting Faster Recovery and Improved Wellbeing

Every day we support patient recovery and wellbeing by creating and serving nutritious, well-balanced hospital food. We work alongside hospitals to improve outcomes in their patient meal service, such as patient experience, CQC inpatient survey scores for quality and choice, annual PLACE scores and CQC feedback.

Our patient hospital menus are designed with input from our healthcare dietitian and are continually reviewed to ensure they meet the nutritional, cultural and religious needs of all hospital patients.

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Making a Positive Social Impact

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Our Social Value Pledge

Sodexo’s Social Value Pledge sets out what we’re doing to help take care of our people, planet, places, and partners. The Pledge details a range of immediate commitments that will help us meet the three-year Social Value Strategy woven into our strategic business ambitions.

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Prohibition sign on top of plastic cups and cutlery

Saying No to Plastic

We’re phasing out single-use plastic across our health & care sites. We’ve already stopped using many items, such as plastic straws and stirrers, and have switched to innovative, sustainable solutions, such as re-useables, bioplastics, organic material, and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

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