Refuel NHS staff with food and retail

We provide NHS staff with easy access to nutritious and rejuvenating food and drinks, helping your teams refuel so they can deliver excellent care to patients. With rest, rehydration and refuelling being essential to NHS staff wellbeing, we provide quality food and retail services that positively impact on patient experience. 

We focus on the wellbeing of your workforce and visitors through varied and nourishing refuelling options – whether that’s a hearty hot meal or an on-the-go snack.  

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Nourishment and time out

We provide hospital catering services and retail outlets for staff to rest and refuel. With NHS staff wellbeing in mind, we make sure there are nourishing, balanced and healthy eating options.

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Nourishing restaurants

Our restaurants respond to the varying needs of hospital staff. Kitchen Works is our option for everyday hot and cold meals. Our Modern Recipe is a premium restaurant, providing an extended range of freshly cooked meals to meet everyone’s diverse dietary needs.

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Quality coffee shops

Our coffee shops boost staff wellbeing by helping them relax and refuel with a hot drink and snack. We work with popular franchise favourites Costa and Subway to give staff and visitors a high street experience within the hospital location.

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Convenience and vending

When it’s not possible to take a break and eat a nourishing meal, our convenient retail and vending options offer ‘grab and go’. Our 24/7 Deli is a ground-breaking automated retail solution that provides nutritious hot and cold food day and night.

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Click and collect options

Using bespoke smartphone apps, NHS staff can preorder and prepay for their food within our retail outlets, plus retail loyalty programmes with our franchise partners. Ordering exactly what they want, when they want is key to foster a strong staff wellbeing culture.

Healthy food for NHS staff

It’s as important for NHS staff to have good nourishment as it is for patients. Research shows that high-quality nutrition improves staff wellbeing and engagement, which in turn improves care outcomes. 

Our restaurant and retail food options are designed and reviewed by our healthcare dieticians to provide evidence-based nutrition. We ensure that all services are fully compliant with CQUIN regulations and provide supporting nutrition analysis and allergen data. 

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Improving staff wellbeing with insights and data

NHS staff wellbeing is a key area for improvement in hospitals. Our Experiencia service enables you to measure patient experience in the moment and improve your services.  

This supports staff wellbeing by helping you to identify and resolve issues quickly, as well as helping you understand where to focus continued improvement in non-clinical services.  

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countries whose healthcare services are supported by Sodexo

where we support health and care services across the globe.

Sodexo has become a long term strategic partner within the healthcare industry. We work alongside NHS and private providers of all shapes and sizes every day, helping deliver people-centred health and care services that create positive patient experiences.

Making a positive social impact

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Our Social Value Pledge

Sodexo’s Social Value Pledge sets out what we’re doing to help take care of our people, planet, places and partners. The Pledge details a range of immediate commitments that will help us meet the three-year Social Value Strategy woven into our strategic business ambitions.

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Sodexo says no to plastic

Saying no to plastic

We’re phasing out single-use plastic across our healthcare sites. We’ve already stopped using many items, such as plastic straws and stirrers, and have switched to innovative, sustainable solutions, such as re-useables, bioplastics, organic material and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

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