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Kitchen Works.Co Offshore: Elevate the offshore culinary experience

Published on : 1/16/24
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  • Our clients in the offshore energy sector are unique. Their workplace is also where they live, often for extended periods ranging from two to three weeks. At Sodexo Energy & Resources, we are committed to boosting the overall wellbeing of offshore workers. We want to achieve this by providing the best in catering services and creating an environment that feels like a home away from home.

    Food Excellence: Enhancing Offshore Living and Working Experiences

    The food services offered on offshore facilities are core to ensuring the best-lived experience possible for the workforce who live and work on the platforms. 

    With deep understanding of the latest food trends, our Sodexo team has designed tailored menus for offshore installations. With a focus on the specific needs of offshore workers, our goal is to facilitate their ability to refuel, recharge, and regroup efficiently. By introducing Kitchen Works.co Offshore, each dish has been adapted to provide enough energy for the labour-intensive work undertaken by the offshore workforce.

    Top Priority: Offshore Health and Wellbeing

    According to our last offshore survey, Sodexo’s consumers in the UK were satisfied with its food services, rating it 4.5 out of 5 in terms of overall satisfaction, taste of the food, variety of food and healthy options offered. Consumers also revealed that they wanted easy access to nutritionally balanced meals in a modern and stylish social space. 

    Our utmost priority is to guarantee the health and wellbeing of everyone working on an offshore installation. Therefore, food services offered on offshore units are core to ensuring the best-lived experience for the workforce who lives and works on the platforms.

    A person enjoying a hot dog and fries with vegetables.With Kitchen Works.Co, our clients benefit from a wide range of dishes including global flavours, familiar favourites, healthier and sustainable options, where every dish on the menu is accompanied by calorific and allergens information. Our new offer allows our offshore culinary teams to have a bank of over 2,500 recipes to cook from, all using quality ingredients, sourced from British local suppliers using fresh and sustainable products and produces.   

    Furthermore, with sustainability high on the agenda for the offshore industry, we will be introducing carbon-labelled dishes and are rolling out our waste management technology to support our teams in monitoring and reducing food waste from our operations. 

    Delivering quality and fresh products in remote environments

    Unlike other catering operations, delivering to an offshore platform takes a great deal of planning and logistics. With frequent delays and disruptions to deliveries it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, for offshore caterers, having sufficient stocks of food available is a contract requirement. The often-bad weather and extreme conditions have a knock-on on effect to our delivery schedules and we have to be prepared for that.  

    Nonetheless, despite the challenges faced by catering teams in such remote and inaccessible locations, our skilled culinary teams ensure that meals provide the right level of nutrition and energy to sustain a labour-intensive working environment.

    With Kitchen Works.Co Offshore, fresh produce is used as much as possible, and our catering teams will always have stock to deliver a varied and balanced menu. Despite frequent delays and disruptions to deliveries, our Sodexo teams take a great deal of planning and logistics to deliver exceptional catering and savours at sea.

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