Patient experience is made up of many interactions

The full patient experience is made up of the many interactions a person has along their care journey. Everything you do in facilities management will impact the patient experience, from the cleanliness of the care environment to the availability of food choices in the staff canteen. 


Collecting meaningful feedback from patients on all these interactions will be key to ensure you are providing the best possible care and driving patient satisfaction, while understanding where to focus continued service optimisation. Find out more about Experiencia.


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collecting patient feedback

What are the challenges in improving patient experience?

Facilities Management services play a core role in creating the patient experience. They are inextricably linked to clinical care delivery and outcomes. Yet there have always been two major frustrations when trying to understand and improve the patient experience. 

  • Reactive approach: Your data has come from retrospective patient surveys reporting on patients that have long since left your care, meaning you can only be reactive –it’s far too late to make a difference in today’s patient satisfaction levels.
  • Simple patient experience surveys: Tick-box surveys can only ever provide a very broad picture. So, while they may tell you that a group of patients were unsatisfied, they don’t tell you the root cause in a way that enables you to make targeted improvements.

What if you could unearth issues during a patient’s stay so you can respond while they’re still in hospital, when it matters most to them?

Introducing Experiencia, our new patient experience platform

Experiencia enables you to measure patient experience in the moment and understand where to focus continued improvement in non-clinical services, while driving patient satisfaction. By connecting human interactions with real time data, the platform can help you deliver better, patient centred services.

Personal touch. Deeper insight. Improved outcomes.

How does it work?

Patient Ambassador

Current patients get to speak with someone who can help make sure they have a good experience during their stay. That’s the patient ambassador –someone with the perfect combination of great listening skills, deep knowledge of hospital hotel services, and the respect of your clinical staff.

Data Collection & Actionable Insights

The Experiencia platform captures real-time data from every one of these patient conversations. You can view intuitive dashboards and analytics that show you what’s working and what’s not, making it easy to pinpoint issues and spot trends so you can focus improvement measures.


Experiencia helps create greater transparency of your processes, allowing you to optimise more effectively. It can help you design service delivery models with greater confidence, using a dataset to identify opportunities and understand the impact of potential improvements.

Understand patient experience through data

Communicating the facilities management contribution to patient experience is essential in securing support for improvement initiatives.

Our new, free guide takes a closer look at the role of facilities management in supporting patient experience, some of the big challenges you may face, and how you can use patient feedback to create actionable insights.

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Why choose Experiencia to measure patient experience?

Experiencia allows you tackle two of the biggest challenges in creating great patient experiences in one package. Here are some of the benefits it can bring to your Trust.

For your Patients 

Experiencia enables you to proactively identify, track, and fix issues in the moment, while patients are still in your care. It also collects and analyses data so you’re able to learn and continuously improve.

  • Improve patient engagement: Unearth issues during a patient’s stay so you can respond while they’re still in hospital, when it matters most to them. 
  • Increase patient satisfaction: Putting things right during their stay not only reassures patients that their experience matters to you, but it can also play a valuable role in how they view other aspects of their care pathway. 
  • Help patients settle into the unfamiliar: Talking with the patient ambassador helps patients settle into unfamiliar routines and surroundings. This can ease their worries, establish an understanding about their stay that helps set expectations, and reassures them that we see them as a person. 



For your Staff

With so many people each playing their part in caring for patients, it can be tough maintaining effective connections between clinical colleagues and facilities management. Experiencia supports stronger, more effective links between clinical colleagues and hotel services, ensuring the best possible patient experience.

  • Empower your non-clinical team so they can help shape how you deliver a better patient experience: Experiencia’s rich, data-led view of all aspects of patient experience can provide evidence to support the expertise of non-clinical staff. 
  • Build stronger links between non-clinical and clinical colleagues: Patient ambassadors provide a visible and easily accessible point of contact for clinical staff. This builds relationships and enables effective communication, which helps to provide a seamless patient experience. 
  • Save time for clinical colleagues: Rapidly identifying non-clinical patient needs enables clinical teams to maximise their time on delivering excellent clinical care.



For your Future

Experiencia’s patient surveys not only unearths insight that enables you to take immediate action to improve the individual experience now, but also identifies and highlights trends, so you target wider service improvements.

  • Target service delivery improvements using rich and actionable insight: Experiencia uses deep and sophisticated data collection and analysis to highlight trends in patient experience, helping you to pinpoint where you should target service delivery improvements. 
  • Formalise measurement of continual improvement.: Provide stakeholders with greater evidence of the value of continual improvements using tailored reports and wider, deeper data.
  • Build stronger evidence for investment in service improvement measures: Gather the data to support the business case for service improvement initiatives and measure the effectiveness of your current facilities initiatives.

You don’t need to be working with Sodexo Health & Care

Even if you’ve always preferred to keep your hotel services in-house, you can still benefit from Experiencia. We’re happy to talk to you about which of our flexible packages will best suit how your services are set up and the experience improvements you want to achieve.

collecting patient feedback

Create the Experiencia package that’s right for you

We understand that every trust and every site is different. We’ll work with you to create the solution that works best for you. Experiencia typically involves:

- Full Experiencia platform access

- Set up training on using the platform, trend analysis, and reporting

- Ongoing support with changing needs, such as ward reconfigurations

- A fully trained Patient Ambassador from your team or ours

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collecting patient feedback

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