Why is Infection Prevention and Control Important?

Infection prevention solutions help to prevent the spread of infections in hospitals, surgical sites, nursing homes and healthcare settings. These outbreaks can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of your patients and staff.

  • Approximately 834,000 patients will acquire a preventable infection in an NHS Hospital in England
  • This led to around 28,500 deaths annually
  • While 21% of all bed days per year are occupied by HCAI patients.*

Ensuring strict procedures for equipment cleaning, carrying out specialist disinfection with the right chemicals and deploying technology in the right places is key to control outbreaks.

Drive better clinical and financial outcomes

NHS Trusts need a facilities management provider who places infection-control high on its agenda and is leading the way in infection control and prevention.

Download our guide to stay ahead of the consequences of healthcare-associated infections and explore the latest approaches to integrated environmental infection prevention.

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Why choose Protecta for infection prevention?

Supporting you to deliver the new National Standards for Healthcare Cleanliness 2021.

Protecta processes, procedures and control audits will align with the new risk categories, elements, and frequencies and will support your hospital in meeting the requirements of the new National Standards.

We’re updating our auditing and monitoring systems to support your Trust in providing evidence to demonstrate this. We’ll work in collaboration with your teams to review the impact of the new standards and provide assistance in planning and deployment.

The Protecta Infection Prevention Training Academy

Accredited by the Infection Prevention Society, the Sodexo Protecta Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) development pathway focuses on delivering the best possible healthcare outcomes. Designed for all staff groups and levels within our organisation, the programme’s structure supports frontline teams up to management level in delivering the best evidence-based infection prevention solution for our clients.

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A range of technology solutions

In addition to a core programme focused on safe decontamination of surfaces, there are a variety of options we use to customise our approach to your needs. This includes: 

- Audit management software aligned to the new risk categories;
- Powerful and resource-efficient electrical cleaning equipment;
- Hygienic and safe modular trolley systems;
- Single use microfibre mops for high risk areas;
- Range of specialist highly efficacious chemicals.

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Going beyond the standard Protecta, with Protecta+

Blaze a trail in Healthcare as a Protecta Centre of Excellence

We’ll be creating Centres of Excellence with clients who want work with us to test and evidence the impact of the latest innovations in cleaning and decontamination, investing in the wider range of Protecta technologies with us. Our Protecta Centres of Excellence will have first access to trial future technologies and innovations, focus groups and research projects.

Protecta+ offers an increased range of innovative equipment

We’ve expanded our range of technologies available for trial and deployment in your Trust. This means we can work with your Estates and IPC teams to evaluate and select the optimum equipment for each task, area, and surface material, including HPV and UV-C decontamination systems, robotic floor cleaners and demand-led cleaning technologies.

By your side, every day

Our services are constantly evolving to be available wherever, whenever you need us, and we pride ourselves on being completely agile across all care delivery sites.
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Proud Infection Prevention Society Corporate Partner

Official sponsors of the Environment, Cleaning and Decontamination (ECD) IPS Educational Pillar.


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Sodexo has become the long-term strategic partner of many healthcare organisations by designing, managing and delivering a range of services which allow our clients to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

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Onsite Covid-19 Testing

Regular asymptomatic Covid-19 testing will become an important part of managing everyone’s health and wellbeing. By creating an onsite testing facility on your premises you’ll be able to offer a safer, more controlled environment, proactively tackling the spread of infection within your communities.