Reducing infection rates, improving outcomes

We provide hospital and clinical cleaning services designed to reduce the risk of infection and help you improve outcomes. 

Sodexo works with you to increase levels of cleanliness, protecting patients by lowering the spread of infection, especially in those who are most vulnerable.

Our infection prevention solution Protecta reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections and processes focus on improving patients’, staff and visitors’ perceptions of cleanliness at your trust. 

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Our clinical cleaning services

Each of our suite of cleaning services is designed to help improve cleanliness and drive down healthcare associated infection.

Environmental cleaning

Keeping your hospital safe and clean is a priority, achieved by establishing and delivering environmental cleaning services. Tailored services offered for the particular operational needs of your trust ensure you remain compliant with all the latest regulations.

Biohazard cleaning

Expert biohazard teams provided by Sodexo are ready to rapidly contain, manage and clean up spills involving bodily fluids and other biohazard waste. We work fast, protecting your staff and patients, and helping you get facilities safely back into use fast.

Infection control and deep cleaning

Sodexo is ready to help you deliver best-in-class infection control services through deep cleaning and quality-assured contracting-out cleaning services. Our services are designed to reduce bacteraemia and infection rates, helping to keep your patients safe.

Protecta for infection prevention

Reducing and preventing the effects of infectious diseases is vital to ensure safety, which is why we’ve introduced Protecta. Protecta offers a range of deep cleaning services to help control the risk of outbreaks. 

As we take infection prevention very seriously, we launched our Protecta Training Academy to offer staff a formal development pathway, with competency checks and certifications throughout. 

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Ensuring cleaning excellence

The hospital and healthcare cleaning services we provide are designed to support every aspect of providing clean, safe and compliant environments for your patients and staff.

From trust-wide cleaning and infection prevention programmes to ad hoc urgent biohazard incidents, we’re ready to help you achieve your targets exceed safety standards, and comply with all of your cleanliness regulatory requirements. 

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Benefits of our hospital cleaning services

Reducing healthcare-associated infections

Combine our experience in healthcare with innovation, we make sure your trust uses the latest in proven and effective infection prevention and cleaning procedures. Our Protecta services deliver new evidence-based standards in infection protection.

Increasing patient satisfaction

We understand the investment it takes to keep your trust clean and safe, so we’ll make sure that investment supports your delivery of improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Protecting employee health and safety

Sodexo is committed to providing your staff with the right settings to be able to deliver outstanding care. We’ll keep their workplaces clean to the highest standards and with the minimum disruption, supporting staff morale by providing a clean, safe and welcoming working environment.

Supporting better outcomes

From clinical house cleaners to biohazard specialists, our professional and friendly experts are dedicated to their role in supporting better patient outcomes. Our Experiencia service goes even further by combining rich and purposeful patient conversations with the power of meaningful real-time data so you can provide a better experience for all your patients.

Better healthcare outcomes through cleaning technology

Working with Sodexo ensures your trust can benefit from the rapid and early adoption of the latest in deep cleaning technologies.

We’re constantly reviewing our approach to make sure we use the latest technologies, from sophisticated robotic cleaners to single-use mops that apply state-of-the-art materials and chemicals technology.

We can use the latest resource-efficient and powerful cleaning equipment, including HPV and UV-C decontamination systems, to support your net zero ambitions. We’ll make sure you also benefit from the latest digital and demand-led cleaning technologies to ensure the most efficient cleaning service delivery. 

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Fighting HCAIs at your hospital

Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) pose a serious risk to patients, staff and visitors.

The time to act is now, so you can stay ahead of both the short-term and long-term consequences of infection prevention issues.

Download our guide to take the next step in fighting HCAIs at your hospital and stay ahead. 

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Social Impact

Our Social Value Pledge

Sodexo’s Social Value Pledge sets out what we’re doing to help take care of our people, planet, places and partners. The Pledge details a range of immediate commitments that will help us meet the three-year Social Value Strategy woven into our strategic business ambitions.

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Sodexo says no to plastic

We’re phasing out single-use plastic across our healthcare sites. We’ve already stopped using many items, such as plastic straws and stirrers, and have switched to innovative, sustainable solutions, such as re-useables, bioplastics, organic material and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

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